People often think of graduating early in one of two ways. Some people think, "Wow that's great. You're saving money and getting out into the world, congratulations!" Others wonder why students choose to graduate in less than four years. "Aren't you going to miss out on so much?" they wonder.

Let me tell you why my decision to graduate in less than four years does not mean I am missing out on any of my college experience.

The time some of us spend at a college or university is life-altering. Every second we are there, we are changing, growing and evolving. A dear friend of mine says we evolve and devolve throughout our life until we reach who we're meant to be. Needless to say, each one of us changes infinitely while at school. Some of us mature faster than others, some are ready to enter the real world sooner. That doesn't make us better, or smarter, than anyone else. We're just ready to take that next step in our life and see what the adult world has next for us.

Of course we will miss our friends that we get to see so often in a college environment. But true friendships will last long past graduation and on for years after the college scene comes to an end. Just because we may move away from each other, does not mean the friendship is over.

Partying. That's what some people think of when they think about the true college experience. While game days and socials will sure be missed, those frats houses and bars where everyone is packed in like sardines will not. Graduating early does not mean I will totally stop going out and having a good time. I had my fun in college and now it's time to visit new places and make new memories.

"You'll be gaining so many responsibilities, don't you wait on those just a little longer?" That's the best question I've been asked about when explaining my decision to graduate early. What responsibilities will I be taking on? Rent? Groceries? Bills? I've been tackling those since I began college. Graduating early leaves me with one less bill to pay... tuition.

Graduating from a college or university is a major feat. It is one that any person should be proud of whether it takes four years, ten years or two years. Take pride in that accomplishment and don't take crap from anyone putting you down about the timeline that worked best for you. Jobs open up throughout every part of the year, not just in May. So thank you for being concerned about my future, but my eyes are already out there searching for the perfect opportunity.