Listen, I loved Gossip Girl. After hearing about the reboot, I decided to binge all six seasons this summer. Rewatching the series made me relive all the memories I had when I was 14 and thought that this was what high school was like. But while watching the show, I realized there are some serious plot holes that were never acknowledged.

The show follows the scandalous lives of the extremely wealthy and elite kids of the Upper East Side, NY. It tells their stories from the perspective of an ominous "girl" who somehow knows their every move.

So, in the first season we see that Georgina comes back to New York City. Why? Solely for the purpose of blackmailing Serena into being friends with her. In case no one told Georgina, that's not how you make friends. She threatens to reveal Serena's murder of her boyfriend/drug dealer. While the show is meant to be very dramatic, this just seems unbelievable. Serena is supposed to be 16, so are we supposed to think she was a crackhead at the age of 15? Again, a little unbelievable. Serena doesn't want to be friends with Georgina. Filled with rage, Georgina then proceeds to take on a new identity, steal Serena's boyfriend, and roofies Serena so that she can't take the SATs. And this was all just in the first season.

The second season becomes even more absurd. Blair and Serena both get into Yale, which seems surprising considering how much they party and connive in others' lives. Nate, who again is supposed to be 17, begins dating Duchess Catherine Beaton, who is shown to be in her 40s. As a 14 year old, I was weirded out by this and I can honestly say, I still am. This relationship was illegal but not one character, besides Vanessa, mentioned anything about the affair at all.

I don't remember season three all too well, so I'll skip ahead to season four. Keep in mind, these characters are supposed to be in their freshman year of college. Basically, after Blair dumps Chuck, he goes to Europe on a drunken escapade. After being robbed and severely beaten, he begins his new life as a "normal" person living in France and dating Eva. Seems a bit extreme to get a new identity over a breakup. Meanwhile, back in New York, Serena starts a relationship again with Ben. Ben was the teacher Serena had an alleged affair with while she was a student at a boarding school where he taught. Once Serena frees him from prison, they begin to date. This doesn't make any sense, considering she basically convicted him of a crime he didn't commit.

Season five is all about Blair. She becomes engaged to the Price of Monaco when she meets him at an art museum in Paris. Later on in the season, we find out she's pregnant with his child. She then proceeds to have a miscarriage, but somehow she gets over it within the span of like, five minutes. She took longer to forgive Jenny for sleeping with Chuck. Nate also becomes the editor-in-chief of The Spectator which doesn't seem to be possible considering he's 21 and in college. But, I guess when you have money, you can do whatever you want.

I guess the most unbelievable thing in season six wasn't that Dan was Gossip Girl. It was that Dan and Serena got married, and the way they got married. The wedding takes place in her best friend's apartment. After seeing six seasons of Gossip Girl, I can attest that Serena Van der Woodsen would never have her special day in an apartment.

The show doesn't make sense, but that's the best part about it.