Should the Three Gorges Dam be Built?

Should the Three Gorges Dam be Built?

The positives outweigh the neagtives


The Three Gorges Dam is an massive, unfinished project, which will be the largest dam ever constructed on planet Earth. Situated on the immense Yangtze river, the dam would benefit all the people surrounded by the project as it would provide an ample amount of hydroelectric power. Building a dam of this size includes a fair amount of downsides, but the positive effects outweigh the negative effects in the long run. If I were to decide to build the Three Gorges Dam, I would say “Yes, build it!”

A major benefit from building the Three Gorges Dam is the significant function of flood control, which is a major problem of a massive river like the Yangtze. Millions of people live downstream of the dam, which includes affects major cities like Nanjing, Wuhan, and Shanghai as the all lie along along the river. So, building a dam of this stature benefits large group as people as they are not only provided access to a source of clean power, but they are also given a sense of security from future floods. As the Three Gorges Dam project requires 2 million people to be displaced from their homes by force, it has a positive effect on the people as they now have a reason to explore the areas of around them and contribute back to the economy that provided them with clean energy in the first place.

Overall, the Three Gorges Dam project would result in an economic boom that will offset the tremendous costs of the project, as it is a smart move by the Chinese government in the long run. Although the project’s price may be demanding upfront, the cost can be taken care of in the long run as the clean, hydroelectric power replaces even more expensive power plants. From an engineering standpoint, the Three Gorges Dam project should be considered a sign of “progress,” as the dam is built in order to sustain an immense number of people by simply turning running water into efficient hydroelectric power.

In conclusion, If I were to decide to build the Three Gorges Dam, I would say “Yes, build it!” as the positive effects outweigh the negative effects. To sum up, the dam provides the surrounding area with highly beneficial hydroelectric power, a useful function for flood control purposes, reservoir for water supply, and a solution to the pollution problem in China. Building a dam is not only smart for the current state of China, but also well into the future.
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