Being active members of the 21st-century, we are automatically guilty of indulging in extensive use of smartphones and social media. But, we need to be more aware of the fact that there is a life outside of smartphones and social media. Unfortunately, the existence of smartphones and social media have made face-to-face conversations and the little joys of everyday life are nothing more than just a simple thought bubble. Even when you are out on vacation and doing things that you absolutely love, the constant thought of checking your Facebook, Instagram, etc. will bewilder you from enjoying the little things in life that actually count.

At the end of the day, you will begin to realize that the significant time spent viewing other people's Facebook statuses, Insta stories, or anything about others, in general, will reduce your chances of creating meaningful moments in your life. After all, it is only in your hands to live the life that you want and to make exceptional use of your time! In fact, not going on social media for a huge chunk of my time during vacation is one of my New Year's resolutions and it should be yours too if you are a teeny-bit guilty of it too.

Moreover, a vacation is the deluxe getaway from the everyday conundrums and perplexities of work, school, and routine activities. It is an outstanding opportunity to explore new things and to experience the wonders of life with family and friends. It shouldn't be the time to constantly be on your phones and on the lookout of the pics and statuses of others. A vacation is truly your chance to shine and it shouldn't be spent browsing through your Facebook or Instagram non-stop.

A temporary farewell to social media will further revitalize your experience and encourage you to live in the moment more. Apparently, a person's ability to live in the moment is constantly inhibited by their OCD-like tendency to check their phones chronically. This. Needs. To. Stop. This type of behavior is actually doing more harm than good in the lives of many people who deserve to be completely happy. Honestly, we aren't fully immersed during vacation if we are already preoccupied with our phones. Modern technology is a boon to our developed and constantly developing world but it shouldn't be exploited as a weapon that can steal the precious moments of life.

Therefore, the use of social media should be limited during vacation if you want to wholeheartedly engage in exciting adventures. It shouldn't play with your mind and desire to effectively enjoy your time off from the daily hullaballoo of life. Thus, don't forget to say sayonara to social media especially when you are on vacation!