Goodbye Summer, Thanks For The Memories

Goodbye Summer, Thanks For The Memories

A short letter to a season of refreshment, fun, and growth.

Dear Summer,

Every year I don't know what to expect from you. Your season brings up a time of refreshment and fun, adventure and uncertainty, and everything in between. The possibilities are endless with you. You are one of my favorite seasons for this very reason. During the regular academic year, it is so easy for me to get caught up in all the fuss of work, school, and social activities. I'm constantly going, and never stopping to make sure that my whole being is keeping up. You come right on time every year, and I am grateful. You remind me of what self-care looks like and what quality time looks like. Not to say that all of my other memories aren't quality because they are, but it's a quality of a different time. You make time feel slow and fast all at once. Creating a beautiful mess of gatherings, laughs, mistakes, and moments of quite.

Every year, God uses your season to work in me and through me in ways I thought weren't possible. Giving me experiences I could never dream up. Some were bigger and more public than others which were quite and private. Your season is a time of drawing nearer to Him for not just me, but children of God everywhere. What a marvelous thing it is so youth and adults alike recommit themselves to the Lord. My heart always bursts with excitement when I think about how God will move through and use people during the summer to help not only themselves, but others around them.

This year in particular has been one of the best ones yet for your season. In truth, I was most worried about coming home, and in particular how my relationship with my mother would play out. I love my family and my mom with all my heart, but ever since my darker times there has been a hole in our relationship that I have found hard to mend. So, before the semester closed I prayed that God would use your time to heal and mend what had been broken. Do you know what happened? He answered my prayer. During your season, God has given me so many opportunities to get to know and reconnect with my mom. We've had numerous quality conversations, shared laughs, and a fun spontaneous weekend adventure.

For the first time in a long time I wish you wouldn't end. I don't mind being home. My heart still longs to be in the city, but my heart has learned that my true home will always be where my family is.

So in short, thank you summer for your season of sunshine and refreshment. I don't know what God has planned, maybe a trip to Europe, but I know without a doubt it will be a good one.



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To The Stressed Out College Student, Be Optimistic For Spring Quarter

I am looking forward to a productive spring quarter.


As a strenuous ten weeks of winter quarter is finally coming to a close, there is no better feeling than to be rewarded with a week of spring break. For most colleges and universities, this period of time is one of excitement and relief, as students approach a summer vacation that begins in May. Yet, for students with schedules revolving around the lovable (and often hatable) quarter system, it feels as though summer is far from our reach.

On a personal note, my previous ten weeks of classes have been bearable at best. I can proudly say that I have been counting down the days until spring break since our winter quarter began in January, though now that the week is finally approaching, I am reminded by the fact that I have yet another ten weeks of school in the near future. Interestingly enough, I have not started the countdown to June 18th quite yet. Instead, I am looking forward to a productive spring quarter that will leave me feeling energized and accomplished as I enter into a fresh summer.

I believe that the spring quarter withholds a sense of refreshment and newfound energy in comparison to that of fall and winter. Though students on the quarter system will end classes later than others, there is something to be said for spending days on campus when the warm weather finally breaks. Time seems to pass faster than it did in the dark and ominous weeks of winter quarter, and everyone seems to have a more positive attitude - as we can all see that vacation is approaching.

To the stressed out college student, be optimistic for spring quarter. Though tests and finals will still be ever-present, the completion of another ten weeks of classes is excellent motivation to achieve success and reward yourself within the coming months.

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