We have all had those people in our lives -- the ones that stay there for a bit, you get really close to, and then with a blink of an eye, they are gone. It's like you don't even have time to wonder what happened. It's all over with, no questions asked.

Well, I'm asking now. Where the heck did you go, and why did you leave?

I mean, honestly, I am glad you left so I could see who the real people in my life are, but don't you know that it hurts a little bit to be abandoned without an explanation? For most of my life, now, it seems that a lot of the people who I could once trust with everything are now letting me feel like I can't trust anyone, anymore. And let me tell you, it isn't just friends that are leaving. It is guys, too. I have to say, without seeming conceited, I think I am an okay person. So what is it about me that makes leaving my life seem easy? However, if it is me that pushes you out of my life, I am sorry for making you believe that you have to go forever. But first, I would love to sit and talk about the reasons for you leaving, instead of being left out in the open, with no reasoning behind your actions.

I guess I should say thank you, though, instead of asking why. Because you made it easier for me to accept change. You made it easier for me to accept being left. And most importantly, you made it easier to accept who I am, even when you made me feel like I was the problem. So here is my delayed goodbye. The one I never got to say because you were already gone, and it was too late. It hurts to say that we will never see a future together, but in the end, things happen for a reason, right? So, dear old friend, goodbye.