On the cusp of releasing their newest EP "Secrets in The Sunset" I had the chance to sit down and talk with Landon from rock band Goodbye June about their new songs, the inspirations behind them, and what it means to be a family.

"Live in the Now" going to be the first release off the new EP, which is out October 26th and according to Landon "it's just a good representation of our next step. It's really positive and inspiring to us personally. Sonically and lyrically it's really different."

After an eventful year, I wanted to know what this past year has lent to the creation of "Secrets in The Sunset" and how the take away of the experiences the band has been a part of has filtered into the EP. Landon told me that the new sound focuses more on the base, which other band-member Brandon plays, and this changed the dynamic. This new process helped the maturing of the band, and it meant that they could create something that was new. Another big part of their process was Bobby Huff, who co-wrote and produced three out of the five songs off the EP. "He was very hands-off, but he would give his own flavor and it created a really good dynamic," Landon explained, "He went down a bunch of rabbit holes with us," He added later with a chuckle.

Of course, I had to ask about what the band goes through during their creative process; "A wide variety of things happen. This year's been a big writing year for us, and there's been a lot of work in the creative process. We find ourselves taking random cords and then putting them together to finish it [the music]." As for other influences, Landon said the band wasn't really listening to anything particular while creating "Secrets in The Sunset." However, they take inspiration from, "Anything that's good rock and roll music. My favorite artists range from the 60's to now. From Credence Clearwater Revival, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the newer artists like Cage the Elephant." Their influence speaks volumes in their tracks with their rock flairs and undertones of blues as well.

As for their band dynamic, it's a great one. The trio got together after the tragic passing of Tyler's brother, Shane. "It was a time where we moved to Nashville and being a family; we knew not to push each other's buttons. I mean, we might have one blow-out once a year, but all in all, it's really inspirational to all be together."

So, what's next for Goodbye June? Well, they're about to go on tour with Greta Van Fleet in Europe for the next month. Not to worry, if they're not coming anywhere near you, Landon was very clear that the goal for this coming year is to hit the ground running with touring. There's also music that they're keeping in their back pockets until the time is right. "Secrets in the Sunset" means a lot of different things to the band, but ultimately Landon says, "it's kind of there to interpret yourself."