You Won't Make Fun Memories In College Through Shallow Friendships And Impersonal Connections
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You Won't Make Fun Memories In College Through Shallow Friendships And Impersonal Connections

Having good friendships in college is one of the best ways to make your college experience worthwhile.

You Won't Make Fun Memories In College Through Shallow Friendships And Impersonal Connections
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Having good friendships in college is one of the best ways to make your college experience worthwhile.

"The best years of your life" can't be the best years of your life if they're not spent with people you truly connect with. Finding these close friendships is easier for some than others, but without them, living on your own can feel lonely, stressful, and probably really boring.

Whether you're making friends in class, student organizations, volunteering opportunities, a job, or a fraternity/sorority, finding people with the same interests as you will guarantee you've got someone to stay up and study with, or spend the weekends with. Especially for freshman transitioning from high school to college life, it's difficult to create a new group when you're still missing your closest friends from home.

Sometimes finding friends is hard, especially If you're not an extrovert. Try being more open with others if developing deep friendships is something you struggle with. Being quiet and closed off can often hinder or slow the formation of deep meaningful relationships. Learning to be more open with others is a super important charismatic skill that people develop in college. The more you let people in, the more they let you in and start to feel comfortable around you. Telling people small details of your life or personal stories helps them understand who you are, why you act the way you do and gives them a key to understanding your humor. This also makes them more comfortable opening up to you, so it works in reverse if you're trying to get someone to be less closed off towards you.

Sometimes, just having friends from class isn't enough. Those relationships often feel forced and superficial. Joining a student organization that meets regularly (in and outside of meetings) is one of the best ways to develop quality friendships in college. Seeing the same faces on a regular basis makes it easier, too. Before you're truly established in your major, it's hard to recognize people like that, especially on a big campus like A&M.

Having a group of quality people with the same interests and values as you will make your college years so much more enriching. Making memories with people who don't care about you, lie to you, or are shallow is just going to lead to drama and uncomfortable parties. Make sure your friends are there for you when you need it, or find new friends. Quality friendships are one of the most important factors in mental health. Having someone to trust and rely on can significantly improve mental well being. Learning who is and isn't a good friend is a good skill to develop during college as well. Learning how to prioritize your time with others and identifying red flags can help when forming future friendships.

Be there for them too. My mom always said you have to be a friend to have a friend. If you and your friends don't rely on each other, where are you building trust? They're not your real friends, they're just your party buddies. If a friend calls, pick up. Give them a ride, buy them a coffee. Little acts of service can really let someone know you care.

Living with your best friends makes college as fun as it can possibly get. When you and your assigned roommates become best friends, or especially when your best friends become your roommates, life gets fun. Being with your favorite people 24/7 makes all the little things, like running to the store, a fun event.

Forming close groups leads to fun exciting adventures. Taking trips on spring break, over the summer, or just on weekends is part if the exciting new freedom of college.

Living out your wildest memories together will create those lifelong bonds, especially when you get back and tell the crazy stories together.

When you finally hit graduation, and you are moving away to a new city, your true friends will still be in contact with you. Who knows, maybe even going with you!

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