The Good And The Bad Of Supreme Court Member Neil Gorsuch
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The Good And The Bad Of Supreme Court Member Neil Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch has recently been confirmed as a Supreme Court justice, which has both its pros and cons.

The Good And The Bad Of Supreme Court Member Neil Gorsuch
The Atlantic

As of April 7th, Neil Gorsuch was confirmed and will now be serving as a justice member of the Supreme Court. This decision, as many political enthusiasts are aware, did not at all come smoothly or justly. Democrats were highly dissatisfied with Gorsuch as a nominee and attempted a filibuster in order to prevent him from obtaining this spot. This, of course, angered Republicans, and apparently forcing them to bring out their 'nuclear option'. This option being a historic change to the rules of the senate that allows for 51 votes to end a fillibuster instead of the previous 60. Aside from all of this, the damage is done and it is time to accept the newest Supreme Court justice and all he is bringing and taking from the table.

Nobody is able to deny Gorsuch's high and mighty qualifications. He has degrees from Harvard, Columbia, AND Oxford -- Which is a lot more than any other politician can claim. Gorsuch is pretty much the diet version of Antonin Scalia and pretty firmly believes that constitution should be followed and not be treated as a living, breathing body of laws. Basically, if any conservative wanted someone to replace the late Scalia, they would want Neil Gorsuch. He also has a considerable amount of experience in D.C. and has worked in a private practice and for the Justice Department. Last but not least, he is a crisp young age of 49 which means he's gonna be around for a long time defending the constitution and flaunting his conservative views.

However, Gorsuch is far from perfect. He does have a few flaws The first being he is basically a purebred Supreme Court justice, which is not always a flaw but it is keeping the country from experiencing diverse opinions. Gorsuch is your average politician -- he has ivy league qualifications and is basically as privileged as privileged comes. This prevents those who are not the "average political figure" from being able to reach these positions. Gorsuch is also very conservative, which is a liberal nightmare. HIs views worry liberals because they believe that Gorsuch may create setbacks in the civil-rights movements. Neil Gorsuch clear conservative creates problems in the sense that he may not make decisions based on the constitution, he may make decisions in favor of his party and his views.

So, this is what have to look forward to. The confirmation of Neil Gorsuch may either terrify you or excite you. Just remember, what's done is done and we are here to watch the show.

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