36 Ways You Know You're From NC
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36 Ways You Know You're From NC

Old North 'til I die

36 Ways You Know You're From NC
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The Old North State. Tar Heel State. All North Carolinians know that there is nothing better than being on your front porch with a glass of sweet tea. For a state that inspired The Andy Griffith Show, the beautifully slow lifestyle here is something that can't be matched by any other. From the small town charm, obsessive sports fans, to the rich history and wicked good food, there's no chance I'd ever live anywhere else.

1. Cheerwine is your lifeblood.

2. Spending a weekend in the winter skiing at Sugar Mountain, and a weekend in the summer laying out at Oak Island.

3. You grew up hearing mature chants like "Duke is puke, Wake is fake, the team I love is NC State"

4. And you were either offended at the offense on your team or sang along proudly.

You bleed either some shade of blue or red.

5. College basketball and high school football. You know your boys like you know your family.

6. Your family has very strong feeling about what style of BBQ is the right kind.

Spoiler: You're not doing it right if there's no vinegar in there somewhere

7. NASCAR. #DaleYeah

The Lowe's Motor Speedway lights at Christmas is a spectacular sight to see.

8. Everyone has their own recipe for sweet tea, and their recipe is their pride and joy, perfected over the years.

9. New Years Day is nothing if you didn't have your collard greens and Hoppin' John to make you monetarily successful in the new year, with a little pork mixed in for forward progress.

10. Speaking of lights and Christmas. You haven't done the holidays right if you experienced Christmastown, USA, aka McAdenville, during their lights.

Park your car and take a walk, it's like nothing you have ever seen, I promise.

11. When cornhole is a part of your gym curriculum in high school.

12. You have your Cookout order memorized, right next to your social security number.

13. Wagon Wheel is your jam.

Old Crow Medicine Show version, not Darius Rucker. Get real.

14. When you have to clean up and get dressed for "supper".

15. Chicken Stew. Hunter's Stew. Low Country Boil. Frogmore Stew. Whatever you call it, we like to eat and we like to do it together. Because what's a meal if you can't share it with the people you love?

16. Actually, Carolina Girls is your jam.

17. Bojangles' sweet tea is a staple.

18. We have some killer music here, just go through Asheville and you'll see.

19. No, really. James Taylor? Eric Church? Kellie Pickler? Ben Folds? The Avett Brothers, and so many more? All home grown.

20. You 100% had a Pirate curriculum in Elementary school and each of you had a favorite.

Mine was Anne Bonny (Look her up, she was a badass)

21. Lighthouses, too. #HatterasIsBae

22. Krispy Kreme. Our beautiful, delicious home of obesity. The "Hot Sign" is reason enough to make the drive across town to hop in line.

They have an app that tell you when it's on. You're welcome.

23. You didn't care much for the Hurricanes until they won the Stanley Cup.

24. You can't plan for more than a few days' worth of outfits because NC weather is notoriously sneaky, and can throw a 70-degree day into the middle of winter.

25. You went to the local Waffle House after prom. (just me?)

26. The Charlotte Hornets coming back is a huge moment for you and your family. Parties were had, celebrations were held.


27. You have been to either a bonfire, party in a field, or a party on the beach.

28. Your mother definitely has a crush on either Luke Kuechly or Cam Newton.

You definitely have a crush on either Luke Kuechly or Cam Newton.

29. A snow day = a week of no classes.

30. There's nothing like driving from one side of the state to the other.

From the gorgeous Appalachian mountains to our stunning coast, it's hard to find an ugly spot to lay eyes on.

31. There is a jar like this somewhere in your home.

32. Your area is a ghost town on Sunday mornings, and the churches are packed.

33. Out of state-ers hate getting directions from you, because it only consists of landmarks and people's homes.

34. You've heard the accents of other people from around the state and wondered if you're from the same planet.

35. State fairs. All of them. Every single year.

36. Carolina in My Mind makes you homesick, and ready for the next trip back to The Old North State.

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