Hell week is coming. Two tests, six papers and a group presentation with group members who refuse to text you back. Did he seriously mute the GroupMe? We all have those weeks-- those weeks where every class decides to make everything due and there’s a test in every subject. You might even try to be productive and start the weekend before it all goes to shit. But then you get the text… the text from the Squad saying that the party is lit right when you sit down to get started on Hell Week studying. WHY DO THEY DO THIS?

They blow up the group chat until your willpower is broken and you finally give in, put up the books, and put on your party clothes.

Before you know it, you’re ten shots in and you don’t even remember what major you are, much less what the hell that paper is about that’s due in 12 hours.

The night can only last so long. Waking up to reality is actually the most painful thing ever, well besides a headache. When you see your friends in the morning, you’re a tad salty about them making you go out.

Now it’s time to start cramming for the laundry list of tests and assignments due this week. So begins the week of all-nighters, and really, you can only blame yourself. Will you ever learn to have an ounce of willpower?

You sit down at your test, and you’re honestly not even sure if you studied for the right class.

You make it to Thursday, and Friday is jam packed with due dates. While you’re in the library, your feed is blowing up with pictures from Thirsty Thursday shenanigans.

What’s happiness? Why did you go out and do this to yourself?

Finally, it’s Friday! You deserve to treat yo’self after Hell Week.

Did someone say “drunk food”?

You refuse to even look at the calendar for next week until the weekend is over.

Sunday night arrives, and you realize that while you wasted another entire weekend, Hell Week Round two has snuck up on you. But do you have regrets?