Going Out During FSU's Syllabus Week As Told By 'Friends'
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Going Out During FSU's Syllabus Week As Told By 'Friends'

The only week you can go out every night and it's totally acceptable...


With Florida State consistently ranking as a top party school in the US, it's no surprise that our syllabus week is downright insane. No other university that I have been to gets as wasted on a Monday and still makes it out each night consecutively.

Make-out Mondays @ Clyde's

You're off to a great start back with all your girls to kick off the spring semester with a bang! The pregame is poppin' and you Uber to Clyde's... to see the line that wraps around the building down College Ave. You ask yourself why you didn't get pre-banded as you wait about 30 minutes or more in line.

After waiting for an ungodly amount of time for a barely mediocre bar, you get in only to fight your way to the bar for an overpriced well drink that you will MOST DEFINITELY spill on yourself. When you finally get sick of being stepped on and elbowed or dying of heat exhaustion upstairs, you stumble home to make some Pizza Rolls and pass out.

Jacked Up Tuesdays @ Recess

Ok, so last night was a bit of a bust, but Recess ALWAYS pulls through. You've got your heels on for a sleek style and the necessities in your clutch. You asked for list spots this time so you can bypass the line like the *queen* you are.

You pregame HARD with your squad tonight because Cess has drinks on the pricier side. You go to the VIP line, get banded, walk in, and head to your favorite bartender. Grab a drink, find your friends, and take a lap around the perimeter to find familiar faces.

Next thing you know you're waking up soaking wet in your clothes from last night opening Snapchat videos of you backflipping into the Cess pool. Yikes.

Welcome Back Wednesday @ The Strip

Where else are you gonna go on a Wednesday honestly? I mean there's GVO or MadSo/Township if you're 21+ but the Strip gives you 4 bars for one cover, AND you can wear literally anything.

So you decide on heading to the Strip. After two wild nights, taking a break to sit in Ken's and scream Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar" sounds like a welcome change. Everyone gets ready fast and has *maybe* one drink at the pre because honestly, the Strip always finds a way to get you sloshed when you're least expecting it. After getting through the line you bee-line to Pub for round one and laugh at the two random old dudes sitting by the pool tables.

Somehow you always manage to lose everyone you came with at this place. You're in one door, out the other, bouncing from Yianni's to Ken's, down to Pub for a drink, maybe even take a lap through Red Rock's to see what the weirdos are up to. You see everyone you know but simultaneously can't find anyone you came with.

Fast forward to finally rounding up your squad at the closing time and trudging up the stairs to the Golden Arches. The waft of French fries hits your nostrils and you follow it into the glorious West Tennessee McDonald's that makes you question yourself as a proclaimed "foodie." Nothing beats a McGriddle or some nuggets after surviving another night at the Strip.

Derdsday @ Standard OR Purgatory @ Potbelly's


Here's where the real choice comes- do you wanna be "facey" at Standard or pound drinks until midnight at Pots? Decisions, decisions...

Why not both?

So you head to Pots RIGHT at 9 p.m. because you're a degenerate and shell out the ten bucks for AYCD (all-you-can-drink for the innocent minds still left out there). When the clock strikes 11:30 you make the trek to Derd and slide in feelin' NICE and warm after getting your money's worth at AYCD. The DJ is fire, the lights are tripping you out, and you dance your heart out until the lights come on.

Happy Hour Fridays @ Literally Everywhere

THE BEST PART OF THE WEEK IS HERE. The happiest of hours. The peak of Florida State culture.

After surviving your Friday lecture (ugh) you take a quality nap to prepare you for the night ahead. Wake up, get ready, head to the pregame at 3. The best part of HH is honestly the outfits, because you can wear colors, patterns, cute sunglasses, and nicer clothes that ~might~ not get ruined after a night out in Tally.

Get your buzz on at the pre, take obligatory HH selfies for your story, and decide on the first move with your girls. Start at Pots, then Clydes, end at Derd? Then walk to Brickhaus for post-happy hour food. BOOM there's a plan.

Just when you're about to call an Uber from Brickhaus to pass out in your bed at 9:30, someone asks you to go to Recess. "Ehhh...." You think to yourself, "Can my liver handle it?"

The answer is always yes.

You head to Cess, find your friends that splurged for a VIP table, and ride the wave until everyone ends up in the pool.

Props to us honestly, because when we all graduate you can no longer usw the excuse that "it's Happy Hour" to explain why you're pregaming at 3 on a Friday.

PS: These are a mix of personal experiences and anecdotal stories.

*Please drink responsibly kids*

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