Going To The Movies By Yourself Does Not Make You Weird Or A Loner

Going To The Movies By Yourself Does Not Make You Weird Or A Loner

Not only is it a relaxing and therapeutic outing, but it provides a well-deserved break from social interaction.

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There's this new movie you want to see, but you have nobody to go with. The thing is, you really want to see the movie. Like, really want to see it. But all your friends are busy, on a tight budget, not interested in the movie, the list goes on and on. You can't go alone, that would be ridiculous. You don't go to the movie. You live in regret the rest of your life, the cycle repeating over and over again as new movies come out and your friends refuse to watch it until Putlocker is streaming it online for free.

*Record scratch noise*

Stop right there.

Go to the movie.

Go to the movie, alone.

I know what you are thinking. I can't go alone to a movie, only weird people do that.

Trust me on this one.

I thought the same thing you do right now before I went to a movie, alone, for the first time. I was bored, I wanted to see a movie, and I had no friends in town. So I went.

After getting over my own anxiety of going somewhere alone, surrounded by people who weren't alone, I realized just how incredible going to a movie alone was.

You can buy all the snacks you want.

And you don't have to share.

Nobody will interrupt you.

No more whisper-explaining what happened five minutes ago when your fellow moviegoers didn't pay attention.

If you cry, nobody will know.

Was that a tear? Was I fixing my smudged mascara? The world will never know.

It might seem weird at first, but trust me. Going to a movie alone is relaxing, therapeutic, and a breath of fresh air in this non-stop world of social interaction. Alone time is sometimes the best time, so why stop the fun at home?

Go out and see a movie by yourself. You'll be surprised how good you feel after.

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