Going Home For Winter Break As Told by Phoebe Buffay
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Going Home For Winter Break As Told by Phoebe Buffay

Going Home For Winter Break As Told by Phoebe Buffay

Whether you know her as Phoebe, Regina Phalange or Princess Consuela Banana-hammock, this girl has the class, sass, and crazy outfits to break down your winter break.

1) The semester is finally over, and we know you could not be more excited to go home.


2) When you get home from the airport and you rush around your house visiting your pets and reveling in all the familiar places.

Everything is just like you remembered!

3) When your parents ask if you've heard back about any of your final exam grades...

4) And trying to cover it up by demonstrating the oodles of knowledge you have gained over break.

These "grades" as you call them are simply stifling my creative potential.

5) When you finally get to drive your car again and you volunteer to do all you parent's errands just to have an excuse to drive. 

So much freedom! So much independence! So many songs to jam to!

6) When your parents suggest you stop watching Netflix, get out of bed, and do something with your life.

Hey, I do things all the time. Isn't this my opportunity to you know, not do things?

7)When your friends get caught up in the same old high school drama again and you just don't care anymore.

Oh no, not this again.

8) When someone disses your holiday spirit.

It's the most wonderful time of the year gosh darn it! And there's always the potential for a visit from Santa Claus, Superman and the Holiday Armadillo.

6) Bonding with your single friends about how totally and utterly single you are.

7) Having wonderful sessions of nostalgia with your best friends.

It's wonderful because you don't have to explain the full backstory, they already know.

8) When you're all cozy in bed and one of your friends tries to get you to come out to some party in the basement of some kid you barely knew from high school.

Thanks, but no thanks. No really, no thank you that sounds awful.

8) When your parents give you ONE JOB to do all day while their at work like emptying the dishwasher, and you hear the garage door opening and realize you didn't do it.

9)When you see your ex in the mall and you're not wearing any makeup.

10) Dreading going back to school because of how much food you've consumed over the holidays.

But don't worry. Whether you're at home or at school, just keep rocking your awesome self!

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