I'm going home today. In mere hours, I will be boarding a plane and leaving the life I have become accustomed to in the past couple months and going back to the one I had been living for my first 18 years. I'll only be staying for a few, short days, but I'm still going home today.

College can be a complicated experience. It's so drastically different than anything we've ever gone through before. I've always thought it would be cool to go to boarding school (thanks, Harry Potter & Zoey 101), to live in, what essentially is a little community all striving toward one common goal of getting a degree.

It can be scary. Overwhelming. Definitely might be riding the struggle bus by the time the end of the semester rolls around. Pat yourself on the back; you overcame all that may have held you down and got in your way these first two months and now get to relax, even if for just a brief amount of time.

Maybe you've already been home once this semester. The first long weekend or away football game, you journeyed back to your motherland. Whether its just a short drive away or you're half the country away and have to hop on a plane, that first trip back is going to be slightly unnerving.

I'm going to go through my hometown, and things may look different. Life went on without me while I was gone. The house I've known my whole life won't be foreign to me yet, but it won't be what I've been seeing everyday anymore. My bed hasn't been slept in in the past 2 months. It both broadens your world and makes it seem very small.

You're a different person now. I'm a different person now. College has already pushed and pulled me in a hundred different ways. Stretched and molded me into a new person; a mini adult some would say. Does this new version of me still fit into my old setting? Will I get too comfortable in my bed and never want to go back to college? Who's to say with all these uncertainties?

Don't get me wrong; college hasn't been a negative experience so far. It's been more middle-of-the-road than expected. There has been very exciting & exhilarating moments; moments where in the back of my mind I tell myself "I can get used to this". Then there's also been moments that have no one definition; they are dismal, hectic, bloodsucking moments that leech the life out of you.

In college, you always have money on your mind and not in a cool rapper way but in a stressful, financial way. Tests and deadlines are like sharks slowly circling in on you while ominous music plays. However, for every challenge and curveball that is lobbed your way, there's thousands of tiny successes to keep you going.

I haven't been home in 2 months. The longest I've ever been away from the world of my comfort and familiarity. All those friendly sensations are going to smack me in the face and remind me of everything I'm missing there. Memories will try to hold me back and give me reasons to want to stay longer than a few days, but my new life at college has a unbreakable pull, reaching from miles away and bringing me back here. I'm going home today... but maybe I can have 2 homes. Maybe I'm already home.