God Walks With You

March 3, 2016, seemed like an ordinary day for Wilson Central High School graduate, Zac Anderson. Little did he know as he attended church that night and listened to a sermon taught by Chris Lackey, that he was in for a surprise.

Zac says that the sermon was about getting right with God. This means having a strong foundation with him and pushing away the things that take you away from God. Chris Lackey told everyone that he felt this sermon was meant for one person in particular in the room, although he was unsure of who this may be. Toward the end of the sermon, the audience was encouraged not to leave the room without getting right with God, stating that whoever the sermon was for, there was something bad headed their way. They were asked to pray that this person be protected and kept unharmed.

Twenty minutes later, Zac experienced one of the most terrifying moments of his life.

Driving from church that night, Zac hit a car going 70 mph and his vehicle flipped into the air, spun, and continued scraping down the interstate. He says that if you had witnessed the accident, you would have instantly thought he was dead.

Now for the crazy part of the story...

When Zac's car finally stopped, Zac hopped out. He had no bruises, no broken bones, not even a scratch. As he turned to look at his car, he saw what has to be one of the greatest signs God could ever give someone. In the back window of Zac's car was a sign that stated "Jesus," turned upright and unharmed.

Zac says that he is more than thankful and blessed to be alive to tell his story and that it would not be possible without the man upstairs.

When I first heard Zac's story I was speechless. I couldn't believe after everything and seeing the picture of his car that he was alive. Next I began to think of how for some reason he felt like God was talking to him during the sermon.

Many days we wonder where God is during our bad times. Although I believe he is always with us, I feel sometimes we do not actually listen to him. When we open up our ears and hearts we can hear God more clearly.

Psalm 105:5 it reads, "Keep your eyes open for God, watch for his works, be alert for signs of his presence." God sends us messages often times either encouraging us to take a leap of faith or to let go of something holding us back. Our only job is to obey, even if it is tough.

Zac's story shows us how true this is and how blessed we can be when we open our eyes and hearts to the Lord. There is no doubt that God is surely alive and was with him that night all because he opened up and really listened. Just imagine how changed our lives could be if we tried to listen and hear God at least once a day.

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