God's Got Your Back
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God's Got Your Back

You don't always get what you want, sometimes God gives you what you need.

God's Got Your Back
Amy Velazquez

There are moments in your life when it feels like everything is coming together and your dreams are starting to be realized. There are also moments when it feels like everything is falling apart. In those moments (and every moment in between) God is providing what you need when you need it. Sometimes that means you get a "yes" to every prayer you pray, and sometimes that means you get a "not yet," and sometimes that means you get a "no, I have something better."

Over the past few weeks, I have heard countless stories from friends and even a few strangers about how God has provided opportunities in areas of their lives they could never have predicted.

One stranger whom I met at a Christian Music concert told me about how he attended a discipleship school and because of his connections there he has been given the opportunity to be the merchandise manager for the band. He never saw that opportunity coming, but loves that it did, in fact, come along.

Another story that struck me was from one of my close friends. She had these amazing plans for next year, and they all fell through at about the same time. She was left without any aspect of her plan left standing. But because those plans fell through she has been able to pursue a few other opportunities that will push her to a career path that she always considered but never planned on solely pursuing. God told her "no" so he could provide her with a better "yes."

Personally, I have experienced a year of "no" but as of the past few months that year of "no" has come to an end and now God is providing answers to prayers that I never thought to even pray. I have been given multiple leadership opportunities, job opportunities, and career advancement opportunities in the past two months.

The most recent provision that God has granted me was the support system I never realized that I had. A system composed of professors, faculty at my college, church members, and friends. It's through the "no"s that God grants that I've been able to grow this system and because of recent "no"s that I have even realized that it exists.

It may seem cliche, but God really does provide when it feels like he's actually taking away. It's in the process of pruning the good and bad out of your life that God can help you to grow in the direction that he needs you to grow. But through it all, he is providing for you, whether it's emotional support from a new friends or finanical support for an annonymous donor, God's got you back.

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To my boyfriend's parents,

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