With my first year of college complete, I look forward to the blank canvas of my summer days. Here are 19 things I'd like accomplish these upcoming months.

1. Work out more

At first, during my first year at St. John's I worked out a lot. However, as time went on, and the walk from my dorm room to the gym seemed to grow, I stopped working out as much. This summer, I'd like to get healthier and find the peaceful state of mind of running

2. Eat healthier, more consistently

This goal goes hand-in-hand with the first one. I'd just like to be overall more healthy this summer. I would like to be one of those healthy vegetarians and not the ones that just eat grilled cheeses all the time...which I am currently. #notsorry

3. Watch less television

Even though this would be counterproductive to my major (I'm a Television and Film Production student), I feel as though I watch too much tv, like even for a TVF student. This summer, different from my other summers, I'd like to spend less in front of a screen. Well, the small screen at least.

4. Watch more critically-acclaimed movies

I have a list on my iPhone in my notes that is several pages long of good movies I'd wanted to see forever. It ranges from The Apartment with Shirley MacLaine to all three The Godfathers. As a film student, I haven't seen a lot of the classics--that is going to change.

5. Go to a drive-in movie theater

This has been a goal of mine for so long! Drive-in movie theaters seem so cool and a summer bucket-list item for sure. However, in Wisconsin where I am from, there are only about 2 still running drive-in movie theaters and both are at least an hour away. Sounds like a movie road trip to me.

6. Go up north more

Growing up, my summers were spent mainly in Northern Wisconsin. However as I got older and began to work I started going to my cabin less and less and eventually for the past 2 years have only gone up once a year. This summer I would like that to be different and to spend more time with my family Up North.

7. Learn how to "squirrel dive"

Though this sounds crazy, this is a dive that I have always wanted to master but was to scared to try because you have to jump from a high place to do it. However, this may just be the summer to master it.

8. Go to a movie by myself

I spend money. Like way too easily. Learning how to be frugal this summer would save me (and my mom because I have to beg for money) a lot of stress next semester. However, this summer I do have some things I'd like to buy...

10. Buy a camera, like a good one

As an aspiring filmmaker, I think it would only be fitting if I finally owned a camera. I am sick of only having my iPhone as a camera or having to rent one out for school. It's time to start my collection of equipment.

11. Write stories again

I used to love writing stories when I was younger. As someone who wants to make a career out of depicting stories through the medium of film I'd like to try and get in touch with that again this summer.

12. Write small script

Though I am not expecting to by Aaron Sorkin after this summer, I'd still like to take the steps to become a full-fleshed screenwriter. Even if they are pure trash, I'd still like to start writing small scripts more frequently

13. Take good footage of Milwaukee

Last summer, I took a lot of short videos of my summer life on my iPhone. This summer I'd like to do that again. However, I'd focus more on my location and how great (and under appreciated) Milwaukee is.

14. Go to more festivals

Milwaukee is known for their festivals. They have a large array of festivals ranging from musical festivals to Irish Fest to State Fair that all happen within 3 months. Usually, I only go to the musical festival which is called Summerfest. However, this summer I'd like to go to the other ones as well, especially German Fest since that is my main heritage.

15. Explore Milwaukee more

I have lived in the suburbs outside Milwaukee my whole life and only in my summer prior of attending college did I finally realize what a great city I was missing out on. This summer, I'd like to go downtown more.

16. Go on a mini roadtrip alone

I love car rides. Ever since I was little and we took the 5 hour car ride Up North every summer, I would be a little sad to get out of the car at the end because I enjoyed the journey so much. I would like to do a little mini one by myself this summer. It would just be me, a killer playlist, and the Wisconsin road.

17. Sing more

In a crowded dorm, I didn't find much time or space to sing. I loved singing growing up and not the performing kind of singing, Just singing for myself. This summer, I'd love to get that back.

18. Create more dreams

I feel like I made some dreams for myself at 13 and I have been chasing the same ones ever since. I am not saying that I am giving up on those current dreams just that I'd like to add more to the constellation. Every year you grow and your dreams and aspirations should grow too.

19. Accept that I am on the right path

At 19, I am far from figuring things out. I still don't know exactly what I want to do with my life (and that's okay). Maybe this summer I will have that epiphany and realize the perfect trajactory for my life. But that is very unlikely. Instead, this summer I want to work on the little things and accept that this is what I want. I want to be in film. I want to live in New York. But as for my summer in Milwaukee, I also want that too. I'm just 19....it takes time.