The Top 5 College Essentials For Students On Campus This School Year
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The Top 5 College Essentials For Students On Campus This School Year

We're back on campus! This time in person! Here are my favorite college essentials that I made sure to bring to campus this year.

The Top 5 College Essentials For Students On Campus This School Year

Right now, most college classes are being held in person, which is especially exciting for sophomores like me who had most of their classes online for the past year and a half. If you feel like you're missing something after being on campus for the first few weeks or are looking for some college essentials before you move in, this is the article for you. Here are some of the essentials I brought to college with me for this semester!

1. AirPod case cover

Klim Musalimov / Unsplash

While you're walking around campus, you're bound to drop your AirPod case. At first, I didn't realize the hype around the case cover until I saw just how protective mine was when I dropped it the first time. You can really get any kind with any character on it. Mine has a little blushing duck with a rain hat. It's definitely my favorite thing right now. They're great to customize to your style, attach to your backpack, and protect your AirPods while walking to class!

2. Bookends

Fallon Michael / Unsplash

One of my biggest pet peeves last year with the books on my desk was how often they would fall over or tilt to one side when I put them in between my small mirror and decorative succulent atrium. But this year, I decided to switch things up and get some lightweight bookends to add to my desk. These bookends will keep your books in place without taking up a lot of space during your move-in! You can pick the color or size you like most, but here are the ones that I have.

3. Mesh shower caddy

Abigail Lynn / Unsplash

Whether you like it or not (which you probably don't), communal showers are going to be a part of your life this semester if you're on campus. I've had a mesh shower caddy from the very beginning, and I have heard from my friends how much of a lifesaver these shower caddies can be. Instead of carrying around a plastic one and having it take up storage space, consider purchasing a mesh shower caddy!

I got mine from Target, but you can find them everywhere from Amazon to Walmart. They'll be easier to take in and out of the shower and will take up less room in your dorm — the college student's dream!

4. Watch

Luke Chesser / Unsplash

This might sound like a given, but having a watch while I'm on campus has encouraged me to exercise so much more than in past semesters. With this Apple Watch dupe, you can track the many steps you'll make while walking to classes, your heart rate as you stress about the syllabus of a tough class, and your sleep as you adjust to dorm life. Jokes aside, watches like these that link up to your phone can be beneficial if you want to track your everyday progress around campus.

5. Brita water filter

Trust me, you'll need one of these if you haven't already gotten one. Whether your college is in the middle of nowhere (Miami) or in the middle of a big city, chances are you'll need a Brita water filter. I've had one since my first semester, but I thought I would include it on this list because of how much my roommate and I use it. Certainly worth the investment, a Brita filter will filter out different components depending on the model you have. The most basic one should do, but definitely look into getting one if you haven't already!

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