Go Out With A Bang

It’s the end of the semester, everyone! It’s about time, right? It almost seemed as if this semester was never going to end. Well, it’s not completely over for those of us who have finals this week, but we’re getting there. Now the trouble is getting the motivation to study without your mind elsewhere, or just stressing out over studying because that is all we have time to do. Here’s a note: always take a break, nothing is going to stick if you continuously study. Even if it is for ten minutes, use that time to do something else and then go back to it.

Finals week is a stressful time, no doubt. A lot of people just seem to lose their motivation because they don’t care since it is the end of the semester, it’s kind of like a “hell with it, I’m done with this stuff.” I know the feeling all too well, just like every one of you. I feel the stress of class finals. Sometimes it gets overwhelming. Take a break and come back to it later if you feel like you aren’t remembering things after studying for a while. Normally, a break is all you need (sleep is also a good option, even if it’s like an hour nap). Come back to it.

All of us are ready to be done by finals week, but there are still the tests to make it through. It may seem never-ending, but there’s an end to the week. Losing motivation and procrastinating are not the way to go, you are so close. Keep going, you got this. Study for those finals, sleep for a few hours, and take some breaks. You never know what a little sleep will do to help you with your tests. When you’re tired and try studying, nothing ever sticks. Keep your motivation going in any way possible. You have this in the bag; you’re almost there. Do your best! Go out with a bang, my fellow college students!