5 Unconventional Ways To Live Your Best Life This Summer
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5 Unconventional Ways To Live Your Best Life This Summer

If you think about it, three months is only a very small portion of your life, so you might as well go as crazy as possible.

5 Unconventional Ways To Live Your Best Life This Summer

Something about summertime activates the "I don't give a fuck" switch in my head. Perhaps it's because I just spent the last nine months doing grueling academic work, or the heat just makes me crazy, but when summer comes I tend to drop allof my priorities — and honestly, it's a little cathartic.

As irresponsible as it sounds, dropping all of your shit to do nothing but binge-watch Netflix and get day drunk is kind of like one big "do-over." It's a way to start fresh and embark on new journies, especially if your life is beginning to feel stale and you're no longer impressed with the projects and activities you committed to over the year.

So, if you're like me and you have nothing to lose — and no fucks to give — here are five ways to completely turn your life upside down this summer (hopefully for the better, but no promises).

1. Quit your job

Summer is prime time for finding a new job. Companies know that with students out of school, there's tons of fresh meat for them to dig their claws into. By throwing your job out of the window (along with your financial stability), not only do you have at least two weeks to do whateveryou what, wheneveryou want, but you have the opportunity to find a way better job that suits your needs and is more fulfilling. A lot of us take jobs just for the money, which is absolutely notthe way to work. Take the next few months to really look for a position that is both good for your pockets and good for your mental health.

2. Bail on your job interviews

Okay, so I know I just advised you to find a better job, but nine times out of ten, the first few places you apply to won't actually be right for you. Just hear me out: if you applied to shitty jobs in the past, you're probably accustomed to doing so. What you thinkwill be right for you, probably isn't. If you can say "fuck it" and pass up the opportunity to work at a new place, it's a pretty safe bet that you wouldn't have enjoyed it as much as you thought you would. Attempt to ditch them all, until that ideal job comes along that you can't even contemplatepassing up. When you can no longer be okay with being irresponsible and lazy (two things that are hedonistically perfect) because the position is just that good, then you know you've found the right job.

3. Turn your phone off for days on end

Some of you are social media junkies, so this might be impossible for you (proceed to step 4 if so), but I can't explain how nice it is to be unplugged. Sure, the first few days you feel naked without having your phone on you, but once you get over the hump, you realize you can actually live lifeagain. When your eyes aren't glued to the screen, you start to notice the world around you. Nature is actually very beautiful when you take the time to pay attention to it, and you have more time for productive activities (when you're not dayging or sleeping in until 2).

4. Send a drunk text to your ex

You only have one opportunity to do this right, so don't fuck it up. Drunk texts don't always have to be problematic, sometimes they can be essential to your healing process. With your inhibitions gone, you can be truly honest with yourself and address any extra baggage you're still carrying from the relationship. The key, however, is to pour your heart out without looking needy or bitter — not an easy feat, although it can be done (try to keep your tone neutral and DON'T tell them you're drunk. If possible, have a sober friend proofread your text before sending it). Getting the chance to tell your ex exactlyhow you feel and exactlyhow much of an asshole they are feels like taking a huge emotional dump after being constipated for weeks. Don't forget to end your text on a positive note. The point is to use this as an opportunity to forgive and forget so you can move on, not to start new beef.

5. Don't save any money

As soon as you get it, spend it. It's summer, what are you saving it for? You just had nine months to build a nest egg so you could reach this exact level of irresponsibility. The weather is nice and that means it's time for vacations, cute clothes, unnecessary beauty treatments, and eating out every single day of the week. As the saying goes, "you can't take it with you," so who gives a flying fuck if you're broke by the time school starts again? At least you had fun for the summer — and if you're lucky, maybe you'll get hit by a Rutgers bus in September. Can you spell free tuition and a lawsuit? Cha-ching.

That's all, folks. Go be as reckless as possible this summer. After all, you only live once.

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