Go Big or Go Home: Visit These Big Places on Your Next Vacation

Go Big or Go Home: Visit These Big Places on Your Next Vacation


They say you should go big or go home when you plan a vacation, but most people don't mean that literally. Instead of sticking to small tourist attractions, we've gathered a list of some of the biggest places to visit around the world — and we do mean that literally. These are the largest places you can visit on your vacation that are fun for kids and adults alike.

The Great Wall of China

If you like walls or are fascinated by Chinese history, you can't get much bigger than the Great Wall of China. The wall itself was built back during the 14th through 17th centuries, and while it never did manage to keep Mongol invaders from entering China during the Ming Dynasty, it’s still one of the biggest tourist attractions in China — both literally and figuratively.

While you wouldn't want to walk the entire length of the wall — it's more than 13,000 miles long — it makes for a great trip if you happen to be in or around Beijing during the spring or fall.

Walt Disney World — Orlando, Florida

Disney is definitely one of the biggest places to visit — especially considering that the House of Mouse has parks all over the globe. When it comes to guest attendance though, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida takes the mouse shaped ice cream treat. Disney World caters to more than 50 million guests from around the globe every year.

Take our advice though — Disney is a great place to visit during the offseason. Don't plan your vacation for summer months or the holidays unless you really like standing in line and being stuck in a press of people trying desperately to get to the bathroom in 95-degree weather with 100 percent humidity. Go in the spring, before the humidity starts to get too bad, or in the fall when the weather starts to cool off. Perhaps most importantly, most kids will be in school, so the crowds are smaller.

Lazy Dayz Playground at Smothers Park — Owensboro, Kentucky

There's nothing better than a playground, especially if you're traveling with kids, so why not make a pit stop at the top playground in the world? This magnificent piece of play-friendly architecture has no walls, accessibility ramps for wheelchairs on nearly every piece of equipment and even fountains that pop up every 15 minutes to cool kids off and give them something new to play with.

The park designers went above and beyond minimum ADA requirements for wheelchair users and built a park where everyone can come and play, regardless of their ability. It's easy to see why this is the top playground in the world, so if you're ever in the Owensboro area, make sure you stop by!

Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure — Jackson, New Jersey

You either love or hate roller coasters — and we love them. If you love them too, you're in for a treat — Kingda Ka, currently the world's biggest roller coaster. It’s one of the shortest coaster rides in the world — coming in at only 50.6 seconds, but it’s the highest and has a 418-foot drop at its highest point. It’s also the fastest, reaching speeds of 128 miles per hour.

It might soon lose its throne though — The SkyScraper, which is supposed to open in Orlando in 2019, will have a whopping 570-foot drop!

Honorable Mentions

If you're not looking for thrills or chills, we've still got some of the largest things in the world here right in the good ol' US of A. If you're planning a road trip, make sure you check out:

  • The World's Tallest Thermometer in Baker, California A 134-foot-high thermometer that sits on the edge of Death Valley, recording the temperature for all to see. It recently got a makeover, restoring it to its former glory.

  • The World's Largest Clam Box in Ipswich, Massachusetts — This clam shack restaurant is shaped like a take-out box, making it the largest takeout box this side of the Mississippi. Their food is pretty good too.

  • The World's Largest Elephant in Margate, New Jersey — Lucy the Elephant stands six stories high and gives you a phenomenal view from the howdah on her back. This gargantuan, elephant-shaped building was built in 1881 and was both the first of her kind and the last elephant building to survive.

  • The World's Largest Peach in Gaffney, South Carolina — Georgia might be known for her peaches, but South Carolina has the biggest. The water tower painted to resemble a peach is 135 feet tall and can hold upwards of one million gallons of water when filled.

This list is just a sample of the big places you can visit on your next vacation. Whether you want to ride the world's biggest roller coaster or simply play on the world's best playground, there's no reason for you not to go big when you plan your next family trip.

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Top 50 Things You'll Hear A Southern Say


For those of you who may need a little help understanding the slang of a southern, I made a list of the top 50 phrases and sayings, along with their translations.

1. Bless your heart.

My favorite saying. It is an empathetic phrase that is usually uttered when the speaker believes the recipient to be sweet, but misguided or stupid. It can also be used if the speaker believes the recipient needs to grow up and deal with it, when the speaker says it in a sarcastic tone.

2. Barking up the wrong tree.

Means being misguided or mistaken.

3. Aren't you precious?

Mostly this saying is used in a sarcastic tone in response to someone being offensive.

4. Britches.

Pants or underpants.

An example would be, "Your britches are too short, you can't wear those".

5. Coke.

Regardless if it's Dr. Pepper, Coca-Cola, or another carbonated beverage, it's called Coke here in the South.

6. Fixin' to.

Simply means that you are about to do something.

7. Get the short end of the stick.

This phrase means that you basically got an unfair deal or cheated out of something.

8. Give Me Some Sugar.

Simply means give me a kiss.

9. Hissy Fit.

A hissy fit is a grown-up version of a temper tantrum that is as bad as one that a toddler would throw.

10. Hold Your Horses.

Be patient.

11. Holler.

When you say "holler" you are basically letting the other person know something.

Example: Holler at me when you are ready to get something to eat.

12. If the creek don't rise.

This saying simply means that if nothing bad happens, everything will go as planned.

13. You're as slow as molasses in the wintertime.

This phrase means that you are being EXTRA slow.

14. Muddin'.

Off-road four-wheeler riding with the intentions of getting mud everywhere and possibly losing control.

15. Skat Cat.

A phrase that can be used instead of saying "God bless you" when you sneeze.

16. There's Not A Pot Too Crooked That A Lid Won't Fit.

There is someone for everyone.

17. Pitcher.

We mostly mean a plastic container that holds sweet tea, not the position of a guy on the baseball team.

18. Reckon.

When you say "I reckon", you believe that something is true.

19. Hoot With The Owls, Soar With The Eagles.

This simple phrase means that if you are going to stay up all night, you should be able to get early in the morning.

20. Too Big For Your Britches.

Simply means that you take yourself too seriously.

21. Stompin' Grounds.

Your hometown or where you grew up.

22. Back In The Day.

Back in the day could be a month ago, a year ago, or 20 years ago.

23. You're A Spitting Image Of (Insert Family Member).

Yes, I know I'm a spitting image of my mother. "Spitting image" simply means that you look just like someone.

24. "Darlin, Sugar, Sweetheart"

These words are simply terms of endearment.

25. Buggy.

A buggy is a cart/basket at the grocery store.

Example: Who wants to push the buggy?

26. Quit Crying Or I Will Give You Something To Cry About.

This phrase simply means to quit crying and if you didn't then more than likely you got a spanking,

27. Where You Raised In A Barn?

If you are from the South, you have probably been asked this more than once, especially when you left a door open.

28. Close The Door. You Are Letting All The Good Air Out.

This southern heat is nothing to play with. It simply means to keep the door closed so the air (or heat if its winter) stays inside.

29. You Are Going To Make Me Lose My Religion.

When you say this phrase to someone, it more than likely means that person has done something to irritate you or made you mad. Thank goodness Jesus saves.

Example: You are going to make me lose my religion.

30. You Look Like A Chicken With Your Head Cut Off.

This is said when you are running around like a crazy person. It can be said if you are looking for something that you are searching for or if you are just really busy.

31. Y'all.

The southern way to say "you all".

32. You Can't Carry A Tune In A Bucket.

If you've ever been told this, it means that you can't sing.

33. Have Their Feathers Ruffled.

You normally have your "feathers ruffled" when you are pouting.

34. Two Peas In A Pod.

When you and someone else are "two peas in a pod", it means that either you almost always together or that you two are almost identical in the way you think and do things.

35. Well Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit.

This saying can be used when you are surprised or excited.

36. Don't Let The Door Hit Ya Where The Good Lord Split Ya.

When someone say this they typically mean to get out and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

37. You're As Good As Gold.

When you are "as good as gold", it means that you are well-behaved and obedient.

38. It's Raining Cats And Dogs Out There.

This simply means that the rain is really coming down hard. It's not actually raining cats and dogs, people.

39. I'm Full As A Tick.

This phrase means that you ate too much food.

40. I'm Sweating More Than A Sinner In Church.

When someone says this, it means that they are really hot and sweating A LOT.

41. Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

This phrase is used when one person is guilty of the very same thing of which they accuse another person.

42. There's More Than One Way To Skin A Cat.

It means that there is anyways more than one way to fix something.

43. Shut Yo' Mouth.

Means to be quiet or hush up.

44. Whatever Floats Your Boat.

This saying means to do whatever you want to do.

45. Slap Yo' Momma.

This phrase means that something is good.

Example: This BBQ is slap yo' momma good.

46. She's Like A Bull In A China Shop.

When you tell someone this phrase, you are telling them that they are clumsy or careless in the way that they move.

47. Cuttin' A Rug.

Cuttin' a rug is used to describe dancing.

Example: Let's go cut a rug tonight.

48. Clicker.

A clicker is another name for a TV remote.

49. Slow Your Roll.

This also means to be patient.

50. You're A Hot Mess.

When you tell someone that they are a "hot mess", you are simply telling them that they don't have it together.

Cover Image Credit: silhouetteamerica.com

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8 Reasons Maryland Deserves a Visit, Hon

Maryland is a small state, but it has a big personality.


Maryland has so much to do, from the beaches on the East coast to the mountains on the western border. These are just 8 of many reasons our state is worth a visit!

1. It is the best place to eat Maryland Crabs.

I hope you like Old Bay!

2. Ocean City, MD has so much to do!

You can lay on the beach, go swimming, play a game of mini golf, walk on the boardwalk, play carnival games, ride carnival rides, go to clubs (if you are of age), and have the best french fries of your life ('sup Thrashers) all in one place!

3. You can visit Assateague Island off of the coast of Maryland and Virginia.

There are wild horses on an island off of the coast of Maryland and Virginia, 'nough said!

4. Baltimore's Inner Harbor is full of good eats and fun activities.

You can simply walk around the Inner Harbor, ride the paddle boats, tour a submarine, go to the aquarium, or ride the Spirit of Baltimore all in the same general vicinity.

5. You can visit the National Harbor in Prince George's County.

There is so many things to do here. You can ride the huge ferris wheel with enclosed cars, ride a mechanical bull at the Cadillac Ranch, visit the MGM Grand Casino and the big Gaylord Hotel.

6. Sugar Loaf Mountain is a great place to go hiking.

7. Great Falls is also a great location to visit!

You can visit Great Falls on either the Maryland or Virginia side. It's like a mini Niagara Falls.

8. You can root for the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards.

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