Gnash is an artist who doesn't conform to a certain way to release his music, meaning he releases music a lot in singles. Gnash as an artist is very unique in the way he does things; his stage presence,lyrics,release strategies,etc. This is why his newest song didn't surprise me in the sense that he sprung it on everyone in a unique way. He posted the album artwork reaching out to his fans to use the hashtag #HomeIs spreading the different definitions of home to people all around the world. The song is called home, where gnash talks about what home means to him; Home was released October 28th, 2016.

Lyrically this song has amazed, and touched me in so many ways. I feel as if everyone has someone who defines home for them. He says in one verse “Home isn't where you are it's who you’re with” which is such a touching line, that can be relatable to so many people. It really touched me because I can really relate to it, because personally that's how i feel about the word and meaning of home. Talking about home, and family instead of the common theme of love and relationships is what makes this song stand out tremendously. It shows depth, and who gnash is as an artist when you see themes that demonstrate depth and thought. Not only did this song show who gnash is, and what his view of the word ‘home’, but it reached out to his fans for them to define what home means to them!

Musically this song is cool because it has a soft pop vibe with a hip hop beat, which starts of with soft piano and comes in with hip hop beats during the rap of the song. I feel as if that brings attention to the words that gnash is actually saying, which is important because hes saying things that portray the main message of the song. The piano brings a good dynamic to the song because it makes it less intense than if it was all beats, as some rappers do a lot. It makes it soft, yet not boring. Gnash has a dynamic that no other artist has, he continues to create more and more unique music.