Glossier Pop-Up Store Opening In Seattle, WA

On April 16, the extremely trendy and simplistic skincare and cosmetic brand, Glossier, announced their upcoming pop-up store in Seattle, set to open later this spring. Glossier is popular online, but retail stores are limited throughout the country. The company has had other pop-up stores in major cities like Miami, Chicago, New York City, and London. The news of a temporary store located in Capitol Hill is exciting for many loyal customers of the brand, who will finally be able to shop and test out products first hand.

Glossier is known for playing up their stores, decorating them in ways that please the eye. Their Miami store was retro-inspired, adorned with tropic prints and pastels. Their permanent Melrose location in Los Angeles is decked in their traditional baby pink, and even has a closet-space turned into a mini "Selfie canyon." They have truly set the bar high for retail design, and we can only dream of how beautiful the Seattle store will be.

Glossier has created many products ranging from their bestselling boybrow, to their recently released eye cream, bubblewrap. Their product design is cute and functional, yet on the more expensive end of makeup and skincare. The company stands as one of the most loved brands of this generation. They preach of "democratized beauty," involving the customer into business decisions and product ideas. Their signature products bring innovation to the beauty industry. They have a wide selection of their staple products along with their new line — Glossier Play — which steps away from their traditional simplicity into a realm of glitter and vibrancy.

There is much to expect of the pop-up store. Little has been shared of the design, and the actual opening date is still to be determined. The corner of Broadway is getting a bright new face for a limited time, one that will bring many consumers the chance to see, shop, and play with the numerous amounts of Glossier products. It will be exciting to see what the shop has to offer because Glossier pop-ups are not just retail stores; they are experiences.

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