Poverty and Overpopulation

Decreased Death Rates Does Not Always Have to Cause Overpopulation

This is about how downsizing poverty can prevent overpopulation.


I describe overpopulation as having too many alive people in a region which exceeds the capacity, and causes an unsustainable environment. Overpopulation affects the environment, animal species, plants, ecological system, etc. It is always regarded to be caused by increased average lifetime and decreased death rates. However, there is a much bigger reason that is overlooked. Extreme poverty...

One can think to themselves saying how saving more lives could prevent having too many alive people. The answer is quite simple though. Unconscious parenthood is one of the biggest reasons for the risk of overpopulation the world is facing today. The fact that the average birth rate of least developed countries is almost as twice as much as the average birth rate of the WORLD proves that this is due to poverty and lack of education. However, we cannot blame people for it. Living in a community where it is extremely common for a kid to die because of diseases as simple and preventable as diarrhea. It creates an urge to have more children because it is not so likely that they will survive. However, by decreasing global poverty fewer children are born and more children survive. For instance, poverty has been reduced by approximately 40% in Guatemala since 1992 leading to a decrease in average family size by half.

It is undeniably important to be aware of this matter because everyone is too focused on only the giving. Playing a role on downsizing poverty does not only save lives but it also affects our everyday life along with our future. It is nothing more than a myth to believe that saving lives causes overpopulation.

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