College is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's the last years of your life where you can live next to your friends, not have to worry about your job, and just be young. When I tell people I'm cutting this experience short by a year, they usually react with "why?". It's understandable - I'll never get my college years back. But, I wouldn't in my chance to graduate early. In fact, I'm beyond happy to have the chance to. Here are my top 4 reasons to graduate a year early.

1. I'm getting a headstart on my career. 

If having to chose between the option of earning money for another year, or spending money, anyone would choose to earn money. I'm getting into the workforce and starting to earn money a year ahead of my peers. In this year, I'll have advanced myself professionally and gotten a headstart.

2. I save on college costs. 

No need to spend another year's worth of tuition!

3. I earned the option. 

It's not like anyone can have the option to leave a year early. I'm privileged to have done enough units in high school that I can do this.

4. Friends and good times will always be there. 

I'm not leaving my friends when I leave college. There are some friends who I only talked to because we went to the same college and lived so close to each other, but the real friends will still be with me even when I'm out.

I do have to make sacrifices to do this. Graduating a year early took some efforts. I had to find a minor that fit within the remaining units I had left, and I couldn't study abroad. Leaving a year early is worth it to me, and I paid the cost. If you're debating the option of graduating early, these are some of the benefits. Of course, make the decision that is right for you.