I Unplugged For A Weekend, It Was Glorious

I Unplugged For A Weekend, It Was Glorious

I went off the grid for a weekend and learned how dependent I really am on my phone.


I gave up my phone and social media for a weekend and it was bittersweet.

I thought it was going to be easier than it was. I turned off my phone at 6:00 Friday night and turned it back on at 6:00 Sunday night. Unplugging gave me the chance to spend quality time with myself. My eyes were opened to how much I use my phone for.

A few times over the weekend I wanted to look something up on my phone and I couldn't. One day I even went to use my calculator on my phone at the store and realized I didn't have it with me. The biggest thing I missed by not having my phone was the ability to talk to people. I usually talk to my boyfriend in the evenings and I didn't talk to him for the entire weekend which was nice in a way, but I did miss my go-to. I spent more time talking to my roommates as well.

When my roommates were home I talked to them and had the chance to have some good conversations. I also spent time with my mom Saturday shopping. It was nice to have lunch with her without the distraction of my phone. I spent more time listening to people and less time scrolling or texting other people. It showed me how distracted I am, typically. I also saw how many people walk around with their noses in their phones.

I also read, wrote and caught up on sewing. Usually, when I'm bored on the weekends I turn to my phone to entertain me. Instead, I gave some attention to the hobbies I've been neglecting. I read a book, wrote a little bit and sewed a lot. I get so caught up in technology it seems that I forget there are other ways to entertain myself. My hobbies are much more productive than mindlessly scrolling on social media.

However, I did cheat a little bit on Sunday because I used my computer to look up instructions for a skirt I was sewing.

By the evening Sunday, I was going out of my mind wanting to see what I had missed over the weekend. I wanted to know what my boyfriend had done and what he was up to. I also wanted to talk to my mom and some of my friends. When I finally did turn on my phone I realized I hadn't missed much and no one noticed I was off the grid except those I had told about it. I am going to try to take one weekend a month to turn my phone off and take time to catch up on myself. Overall, the experience was refreshing. I look forward to taking another weekend to myself.

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Genetically Modification Could Save Future Babies From Illnesses, But Also Pose New Issues

Now imagine if people can breed smarter, stronger, and (sociologically) more attractive kids? The problem is that the possibilities are truly endless, and this experience has insidious implications.


You read that right. He Jiankui, a renowned scientist from China, has created the first two human genetically modified babies. The technology is called CRISPR/Cas9, and it's the same tech that we use to modify plants like soy.

My first question was "are people just allowed to do that?" Well, depends on what country you live in. In the US for example, there are at the least minimal regulations based on ethics. However, this hasn't stalled us from innovating at a startling pace. America only lagged two years behind China for the first genetic modifications to a human embryo. Since it is seen as far more controversial in Western nations, we have seen the slight delay of creating genetically modified babies. But make no mistake, it is only a lag. Not a prevention.

Many critics of this innovation echo the sentiment of Eric Topol, a geneticist at the Scripps Research Institute, who said, "We're talking about changing every cell of the human body's 37 trillion cells. That's never been done before. And it was done in a rogue fashion.''

But the changing of our genetics begs a bigger question than the way it was accomplished.

Should we be able to alter our genes?

People inside and outside the scientific community are saying no, and for many different reasons. The first deals with whether or not we should diagnose embryos with genetic diseases and cure them before the infant is born, and then use genetic modification as a direct solution. For example, He was altering the embryos in order to prevent the HIV that they would have from their fathers. However, there are already scientific methods that do not involve genetic modification, such as "washing" the sperm of the HIV. The truth is, once this technology hits the market, we can't currently regulate which method people will choose. And CRISPR kits are already inexpensive online, rounding up to about $1,000. There's a lack of legal understanding, in the US and abroad, on whether or not these experimentations are legal. This compounds the problem when the effects of this innovation can be massive and devastating.

The next controversy deals with "designer babies." This is a concept developed from the imagination of what gene editing could bring, with a terrifyingly familiar tune of eugenics. Will people begin crafting a "superior race"? As one can imagine, this will only be accessible to the wealthy one-percenters who already have paramount advantages over the rest of the population. Now imagine if people can breed smarter, stronger, and (sociologically) more attractive kids? The problem is that the possibilities are truly endless, and this experience has insidious implications.


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