Individuality is such a beautiful thing, but so is a positive influence.

I know for me, I pride myself in my originality and uniqueness, but for some people, they get that same pride from seeing something amazing someone else does and trying to adapt it to their lifestyle.

The thing about this is that nowadays, so many people see things other people do and try to claim it as their own—like they did it first (because guess what, we are selfish beings who always want to be seen as being first to do something because too many of us are made to feel superior and 'more important')

Take plagiarism for example. We have been taught for as long as we can remember that claiming someone else's work or words as our own is wrong, and that to avoid the 'abomination' of what is known as plagiarism, we have to cite our sources, or in other words, give credit where credit is due. So, why don't we do that with everything?

It's okay that you didn't discover something first, but don't you think the world deserves to know who you discovered it from? If someone influenced you in a positive way, don't you think you should let that person know that they aided in your growth or your own self-discovery?

Everything is not a competition—well at least, it shouldn't be, but unfortunately, our society sees everything as such. If we all put our pride aside and admitted that we aren't always the first to discover something great, the people in this world would not be so driven to prove their worth to everyone else.

We have to understand that being second isn't bad, it's humbling, but something that humbles you doesn't have to serve as something that oppresses you or discourages you—it should serve as something that liberates and encourages you.

We have to stop seeing other people's designs, other people's philosophies, and other people's truths and claiming them as our own without crediting them for putting us on first. Positive influence is a beautiful thing, and so is admiration, but stealing and claiming things as your own is not.

In our society, everyone wants to be known for something, but when we learn that it's okay to admit that we were influenced by someone else, got a design idea from someone else, or got put on to a new sense of style by someone else, we will have that much more of the ability to delve deeper into ourselves and discover our own truths.

Simply be true to yourself and your original or give credit to what is not, because the world needs to stop competing to be first, when second, third, fourth or last can still be just as successful/influential.