Confessions Of The Girl Who Says 'I'm Sorry' Too Much
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13 Confessions Of The Girl Who Says 'Oh, I’m Sorry' Again And Again

I'm sorry I said sorry. Wait, I said it again.

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Do you find yourself saying sorry multiple times a day? Does your family ever tell you to stop apologizing so much? Do your friends make you cough up a dollar for every sorry you say? Do your coworkers get kind of irritated when you apologize for the third time in less than 30 seconds?

If you said yes to any of these, you're basically an obsessive apologizer. You say SORRY way too damn much. More than likely, you've been saying sorry for longer than you can remember. You've just always been the girl who says sorry and then apologizes for saying sorry.

It's a totally miserable habit to be stuck with but it is relatable. You are not the only human being out there who says sorry too much and then curses up a storm for doing it again.

1. You literally say SORRY a hundred times a day.

It's an inside joke with yourself on how many times you say sorry each day.

2. You apologize to anything and everything. Yes, this includes walls. 

You trip going up the stairs and say sorry to the stairs for tripping. Then, you run into a wall and apologize.

3. You envy people who bite their nails because their bad habit is better than yours. 

It would be so much easier to just bite your nails and worry about how your nails look.

4. You try to catch yourself before saying sorry, but you can't stop the word vomit.

You try so hard to hold that sorry down, and then, it just bursts out.

5. Instead of saying sorry, you try replacing the word with something else thinking it could work. 

It does not work. You've been there and done that.

6. You really don't even remember when the excessive apologizing started. 

It's like you woke up one day and just started apologizing like crazy.

7. You tried the put a dollar in the jar for every sorry and went broke. 

It seemed like a great idea at first until you realized you'd eventually run out of money.

8. You totally reward yourself when you go an hour or more without saying sorry. 

Yes, you went a whole 45 minutes without saying sorry, so it is time to treat yourself.

9. Trying not to apologize feels like you are holding your breath forever. 

If you don't apologize, you might just pass out.

10. You get low key embarrassed when people tell you to stop apologizing. 

I'M SORRY. I'M SORRY. I'M SORRY. I'm sorry for apologizing so much.

11. Sometimes you wish people would tape your mouth shut or hold you down to keep you from saying sorry. 

Don't let me say it. Don't let me.

12. The harder you try to not say sorry, the more you say it when you finally explode with apologies. 

It's like a volcanic eruption of apologies. You apologize to everyone and everything for something.

13. You're obviously sorry for saying sorry so much, but you just can't help it. 

You know that people get tired of hearing it, but in all honesty, you can't control it. It's just something you do.

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