101 Things Girls Raised In The Early And Mid-2000s Still Know, Love, And Laugh About In 2019
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101 Things Girls Raised In The Early And Mid-2000s Still Know, Love, And Laugh About In 2019

Growing up in the early and mid-2000s was truly the best.

101 Things Girls Raised In The Early And Mid-2000s Still Know, Love, And Laugh About In 2019

The 2000s were a simpler and better time— here is the proof:

1. Sillybands.  Then we traded them.

2. Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Aeropostale...and we were all secretly in love with the models 

3. Flip phones, blackberries, phones with pull out keyboard

4. Old Disney Channel with shows like: Hannah Montana, Suite Life of Zach and Cody, That's so Raven....

5. Lunchables

6. Ponchos

7. Dance Dance Revolution

8. Mario Cart 

9. DS - I loved Pictochatting with everyone

10. Nick at Night - Victorious, iCarly, Zoe 101, etc

11. Pretending to be 13 to get on Facebook

12. The Wii - and making Mii's 

13. American Girl Dolls

14. Push pops

15. North Face Jackets

16. Middle School Dances - boys on one side and girls on the other

17. Jonas Brothers, Fall Out Boy, Old Taylor Swift, etc

18. Cha Cha Slide

19. Crayola Twistables

20. Smencils 

21. Lisa Frank

22. Webkinz

23. Cooking Mama

24. Shrugs - weird shalls

25. Club Penguin 

26. Instant messaging - brb

27. VCR and DVDs

28. Capris Suns 

29. Game Stop

30. Scooters in gym class

31. Pizza Fridays

32. Scholastic Book Fair

33. Skorts

34. Digital Cameras

35. Gogurts

36. Butterfly clips

37. Lip gloss

38. Cool Boy Bands

39. iPods - you were so cool if you had an iPod Touch

40. CDs

41. Pencil grips

42. Bill Nye the Science Guy 

43. Seeing the big TV being rolled into class

44. Overhead projectors

45. Razor Scooters - don't hit your ankle with one though...

46. Twilight - were you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

47. Ice cream truck

48. Skinny jeans - sometimes too skinny to sit

49. Duck face in pics

50. The Duck Song

51. YOLO

52. Peace sign in pictures 

53. Gauchos

54. Myspace

55. Yahoo (or AOL) email 

56. Not having unlimited texts or phone minutes

57. Layering shirts - why?

58. Having computer lab at school - aka drawing on the computer for 40 minutes

59. Checking out library books

60. Mean Girls - the movie 

61. Low rise jeans

62. Multicolored pens

63. Monkey bars

64. Slides that became so hot in the summer sun - good luck not getting burnt

65. Disposable camera

66. Justin Beiber - and the love all the girls felt for him

67. Harry Potter

68. Coach bags

69. Seventeen Magazine 

70. Choker necklaces

71. Bring it On

72. The Princess Diaries - why can I not secretly be a princess?!

73. Black Eyed Peas: "I Gotta Feeling"

74. Beyonce: "Single Ladies" 

75. Erasers shaped like animals and food

76. Disney Channel Original Movies

77. Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

78. Mowhawks

79. Recess

80. Live Strong Bracelets 

81. Uggs

82. Scrunchy hair with straightened bangs

83. Or pin straight hair

84. Halter tops

85. Rinestones

86. Temple Run 

87. Angry Birds

88. Claire's

89. Justice

90. Jean jackets

91. Studded belts

92. Weird usernames

93. Mechanical pencils

94. Wheelies

95. HAGS

96. Too much eyeliner

97. Axe body spray - gross

98. Developing photos

99. Lip Smackers

100. Hand games on the bus

101. Knowing that you grew up during the best times.

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