An Open Letter to Girls On a "Safe" Campus This Year
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An Open Letter to Girls On a "Safe" Campus This Year

No campus is immune to cruel people.

An Open Letter to Girls On a "Safe" Campus This Year

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Dear girls,

You've been looking at the university you are attending for months, maybe years. More likely than not, they have told you repeatedly on their website, tours, and brochures that they are a safe campus. They may have patrols, or even an entire police department dedicated to the campus.

That doesn't mean s***.

They can say they have the safest campus in the area. They can tell you their staff will go above and beyond for your safety. They can tell you there are resources for your well-being.

They're full of s***.

Campus safety can dump out alcohol they see in the freshman dorms. They can confiscate items you can't have in your dorms. They can monitor the halls during finals week to make sure it isn't too loud.

Ah yes, I feel so threatened by noise.

They'll tell you that they have low sexual assault rates. Lower than most campuses. They are lying to you.
Only 20% of female college students report assaults. So of course its low, because no one is talking about it.

Say it does happen to you or a friend of yours. They'll tell you to report it to the university's patrol. They'll write some stuff down, call Title IX (a whole other problem in of itself), and kind of call it a day. Now the university you were going to call your home has become a mental prison, because they overpromised something they couldn't deliver. They promised you something that is extremely vital to your well-being, and they couldn't give you that peace of mind.

So before you walk around thinking you are protected by a university, take precautions. Vet everyone you hang around with. If you are uncomfortable being alone with someone, stop talking to them, especially if you feel they could harm you. There is curfew for a reason. Leave at that curfew, because nothing good happens after that. No means no, and don't let anyone tell you different. Party how you like, but keep your drinks and don't get too loaded. You need to be aware of your surroundings. Don't expect the university to help you, because chances are they won't. Go to your local police station instead. Most importantly, help yourself and watch out for yourself, and you'll feel so much safer already.

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