If The 'Pretty Little Liars' Girls Were In Sororities
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If The 'Pretty Little Liars' Girls Were In Sororities

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead, sounds like its a part of initiation ritual or something.

If The 'Pretty Little Liars' Girls Were In Sororities

This June, a series that is very near and dear to my heart since the seventh grade finished its final chapter. The Pretty Little Liars finale left us with some answers, but I think I speak for most fans of the show when I say that there are still so many unanswered questions. After the finale, I took to Netflix to refresh my memory and binge watched the entire show in an embarrassingly short amount of time.

Hanna Marin: Phi Mu

Hanna always puts her friends and family first, almost to a fault. She loves fearlessly and is super loyal. She is beautiful and is up to date on all the newest trends. Hanna isn't your stereotypical pretty girl though. Hanna would be one of the faithful sisters of Phi Mu.

Spencer Hastings: Alpha Gamma Delta

Spencer is crazy smart and driven. She was student body president, top of her class, and involved in so many different clubs. She's probably a fifth generation student and a legacy. She's always there to help her friends with a well thought out plan and encouraging words. Spencer's always at the top of her game just like the sisters of Alpha Gamma Delta

Emily Fields: Pi Beta Phi

Emily is super courageous and loyal as well. She has been through so much but does not let it get in the way of always supporting her friends. She is a fierce friend and is fearless. She is extremely hardworking and accepting. Emily is with out a doubt a Pi Phi.

Aria Montgomery: Alpha Omicron Pi

Aria is the girl next door. She is pretty, a talented writer, and extremely artistic. She is very sensitive and loving, and wears her heart on her sleeve. With Aria what you see isn't just what you get. She has so much depth and works hard for her accomplishments. Aria would be a perfect fit with the sisters of AOPi.

Allison DiLaurentis: Zeta Tau Alpha

Allison holds a lot of mystery throughout the series. She was the pretty, popular blonde girl who went missing. Later in the series we learn that she is alive and wants to come home. It is obvious that Allison puts up a front even with the people she loves to protect herself. Despite this, she really does love her friends and family, even those who have hurt her in the past. Allison becomes a very nobel character towards the end of the series and this is what makes her a perfect fit in ZTA.

Mona Vanderwal: Delta Zeta

From 'Loser Mona' to the IT girl, to the OG "A". Mona is without a doubt one of the most diverse characters in the show. She is super smart (maybe smarter than Spencer), but she also has a wild side. Not only is she the most popular girl junior year, she is also leading a double life as "A". Despite her flaws, Mona cherishes her friendship with Hanna and will do anything for her, (including confessing to a murder). Mona gives graciously of what is her's and is truly a DZ.

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