22 Things Girls Secretly Do For Each Other

22 Things Girls Secretly Do For Each Other

We burp and fart with freedom ... And laugh as hard as possible after.

If you give a girl a friend, just know that she will be given several “secret” tasks. Now these tasks are not any ordinary tasks of a friendship, nor are they learned. BUT they are definitely things that every girl knows to do for their gal pals.

We are always there for our girls, and better yet, we honestly would do these things for someone we just met in the bathroom at a restaurant. If I was a firm believer in “girl code,” these would definitely be the rules. If your friends don’t do these things for you, find new ones, girlfriend.

1. We check each other for pit stains.

2. We burp and fart with freedom ... And laugh as hard as possible after because they’re so funny. We would never ever do this around boys.

3. We pick that black long hair off each other’s faces that only appears sometimes… but when it’s there, it’s almost as if friends can sense it staring at them.

4. We join each other’s teams in drama so both can get a kick out of the petty actions that must be portrayed.

5. We immediately become personal photographers… Oh, you want to make your mans jealous this week? Ya, I gotchu, girl.

6. We share personal items that probably should not be shared. Like deodorant, underwear, socks, and mascara. Sometimes you’re just stuck in a dire situation.

7. We drunkenly compliment each other and tell everyone the honest truth about our love lives.

8. Our friends are the first doctors we consult… with the help of Google. We examine any injuries, weird bumps, or even just symptoms of a cold.

9. We give each other bra advice… No, you should really use the duct tape method because it gives your boobs that extra boost!

10. We play with each other’s hair because let's be real, guys do not get that into it. It’s either a pull or too gentle (aka they touch your hair for a minute and are done). Gal pals know what’s up.

11. We immediately help each other when our friend’s hair gets caught on something… especially sunglasses.

12. We form a wall and become a lookout crew when a wedgie needs to be picked… Let's call it the wedgie wall.

13. We zip or button each other’s clothing.

14. We do not judge when one must unbutton her jeans… sometimes girl date nights just go overboard with the chocolate and ice cream. We are fully accepting of this though. Eat your feelings girl!!!

15. We pick up all phone calls from our gal pals… especially random ones because that means your girl is stuck in an awkward emergency situation.

16. We devour food like no other. A girl can eat ok.

17. We help each other out when you’re in a tight squeeze… Like getting stuck in last year’s clothes.

18. We sniff each other. Yeaaah, you should probably put on some more deodorant Sharon…

19. We chill in our sports bras- sometimes the room is just too fricken hot ok?!

20. We feel or look at each other’s legs or armpits when our friends are not sure if they really should shave or not.

21. We creep on each other’s crushes and their ex-girlfriends, too. It is all fun and games until you like that pic from 38 weeks ago… Dangit Karen.

22. We snuggle up together when we are having bad days. It’s reassuring to know that our friends truly love us.

#blessup. This is #girlcode.

Cover Image Credit: wikia.com

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15 Thoughts Pale Girls Have When They Are Forever Sunburnt Instead Of Getting A Golden Glow

Bring back the dancing lo


I'm not saying that it is specific and I can't speak for anyone else but what I have experienced... as a pale white girl in her early 20's that is nicknamed "Home Hermit" by her parents and a "recluse" by her sisters. Anyway, these are a compiled list of 15 thought I had before and after I tried to tan and ended up looking like a burnt chicken nugget!

1.  "Maybe I'll get a tan today!"


2. "Is the sun hotter on me because I look like a deformed marshmallow?"


3. "I look like a vampire, don't I?


4. "I swear I think my legs could blind someone if they looked directly at them in the light."


5.  "Why can't I tan?"


6. "If I tan... wouldn't I turn orange??"


7. "Oh no! What if I look like Snooki after I get a tan? No!!!!!!!"


8. "I look like a tomato when I burn!"


9. "Why do I do this to myself when I know all I get out of it is pain?"


10.  "EVERYTHING HURTS!! My bra! My shirt! Everything!"


11. "Ok, I thought I got a tan... but now is my tan peeling off and the skin underneath is still white?"


12. "I really want to pick at my peeling but it hurts! I'll just suffer through it and do it anyways!"


13. "New plan! Never try to tan again! It was a mistake."


14. "The sun is evil!"


15. "I'm never leaving my house again! Air conditioning is my friend!"


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