HBO's Girls: Character Ranking
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HBO's Girls: Character Ranking

A Ranking of the Characters on HBO's Girls

HBO's Girls: Character Ranking
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I consider myself an expert on HBO's acclaimed series, Girls. I pretty much know everything there is to know about the show mainly because I wrote a huge research paper on Lena Dunham. No matter your opinion on the show's creator and main cast member, there is no denying that Girls is an incredibly compelling and addicting show that conveys growing up and adulting in a painfully realistic way. In light of the recent premiere of the sixth and final season, I have decided to rank the characters of the show from worst to best.

7. Hannah Horvath

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Hannah is ranked seventh because she is arguably the most detestable character in the entire show. I have a love hate relationship with her. Hannah is extremely selfish and only thinks about her best interests, sacrificing her friendships and relationships in the process. While she acts with no filter in almost every situation, she sometimes does things that are a little too relatable which make her a controversial character in the whole. Essentially Hannah says everything we are thinking but just don't say and this makes her the worst.

6. Ray Ploshansky

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Ray is number six on this list mostly because he is so annoying and mostly rude. While he proves to be a good friend to most characters, he, like Hannah, is incredibly selfish. Ray is also way too old to be hanging out with this squad which makes me question what he is doing with his life. Also, he sleeps with Marnie after having a serious relationship with Shosh and thats pretty messed up if you ask me.

5. Marnie Michaels

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Marnie is number five because while she is not as detestable as Hannah, she is pretty freaking annoying. (Most of my friends say that I am most like Marnie so that's awesome). Once again, Marnie seems to be in it for herself. Her type A personality can be very irritating, and she also has no logic when it comes to her life. Watching her go back to Desi again and again is super frustrating. On the other hand, Marnie is ambitious and relatable with her confusion on her future plans.

4. Jessa Johansson

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Jessa is arguably the most fashionable and beautiful character on the show. On the flipside, she is also the most destructive. Through Jessa, the audience sees the struggles of an addict, because of this, Jessa has a selfish side to her. However, Jessa preaches a wisdom that none of the other characters have. Whether she likes you or not, Jessa tells it like it is. Jessa's authenticity make her endearing and likable. No matter how you feel about Jessa and Adam together, you have to admit it's a perfect fit. I'm definitely rooting for them.

3. Adam Sackler

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When we were first introduced to Adam back in season one, I didn't know what to think. At times, Adam was very degrading towards Hannah and their relationship seemed very unhealthy. But as the show progressed, Hannah and Adam's love was genuine. Adam grew into a much more mature character and his true colors really showed when his crazy pregnant sister came into the picture. With Jessa, Adam seems more grown up. Adam really is a mystery but that's what makes him great.

2. Shoshanna Shapiro

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Shosh is the best, plain and simple. In season one, Shosh is very inexperienced, immature, and talkative. She doesn't stop talking about anything and everything, and at first, it's annoying. But once the show progresses you realize how awesome this girl is. She is like the only character on the show who has her shit together. Shosh is so genuine and she is literally always there for everyone whenever they need her. Probably the least-selfish person on the show, Shoshanna tells it like it is and never lets anyone stand in her way of doing what she thinks is right.

1. Elijah Krantz[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

Hannah's gay ex-boyfriend from college Elijah is a minor character in the first few seasons. He gradually makes his way into the crew and establishes himself as one of the best characters on the show. Elijah continually makes hilarious one-liners and lightens up the mood in any dark situation with his sarcastic take on everything. Not only is he funny AF but he is also a true friend to Hannah (and even Shosh, Marnie and Jessa) when they definitely don't deserve it. Elijah truly makes Girls worth watching.

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