To The Girl Who Feels Unworthy, You Are More Than Enough

To The Girl Who Feels Unworthy Right Now, You Couldn't Be Farther From The Truth

You are more than enough; don't let anyone tell you that you are not.


Being a girl is hard especially in the 21st century. There are times to where we feel like we have to be this confident boss lady but a lot of the times we don't like to admit that sometimes we feel unworthy. Unworthy of being loved, unworthy of having friends, unworthy of everything good that is in our life. Whether the reason you feel unworthy is because of a past relationship, mistakes that you made in the past, or you are going through a weird part in your life; let me be the first to tell you; you ARE worthy.

If the reason you feel unworthy is because of a past relationship; you are WORTHY. Whether the break up was your idea or his idea it will be okay in the end. You will be okay. Everything happens for a reason and think about it this way; every bad relationship; every break up that you go through that is just one relationship closer to finding Prince Charming.

If the reason you feel unworthy is because of your past mistakes; you are WORTHY. I am the queen when I tell you that your mistakes do not define who you are. I still to this day have nightmares reliving my mistakes. I will always feel like I am not worth any good thing in my life. But the moment when you accept that you can only live and learn from your mistakes and move on; that is the day you will start feeling worthy. Your family is the best support system you can ever ask for. Lean on them because not only will they help you realize how worthy you are for the good things in your life but; they will also hold you accountable for moving on and not making the same mistake again.

If you are in a weird spot in your life right now it is perfectly okay. We all go through weird stages in our life and a lot of the time the weird stage is just us trying to find ourselves. We sometimes sit in our bed and ponder on everything in our life. The past, present, and future; it makes us think about what we want to do with our life but also what we could have changed in the past. When we start pondering about our life we sometimes start feeling weird and then we feel slightly unworthy about a lot of things; don't even get me started on the emotions we start feeling when we start wondering about life. You are WORTHY. I have said that your family is your support system for one situation and your friends are great support systems for another situation but your friends and family are the best support system. They will be the best support system that you will ever ask for. They will be your shoulder to cry on, your prayer partner, your everything that you could ever ask for.

Regardless of the situation, you are WORTHY of everything in your life. You are WORTHY of love, friends, that great job, that great grade you worked hard on; everything you can think of. You are so worthy and you are more than enough. Don't ever let anyone or anything ever tell you that you are not.

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I Decided To Become An Agriculture Education Teacher And I LOVE It

I am not pursing a degree in agriculture education for the money, I am pursing it because I care and I want to make an impact.


Wanting to be an Agriculture Education teacher was not what I had always wanted to do. As like most kids, I first wanted to a veterinarian. And then I wanted to be a marine biologist. I had that all planned out. I'd move to Florida and go to school there to be a marine biologist. I was pretty dead set on that until my junior year of high school.

I was in FFA all through high school. I didn't show livestock, we couldn't afford it. I did not do speeches, I hated speaking in front of people. But I loved the organization and I loved learning and being involved in agriculture. I fell in love with it. My junior year of high school, my agriculture teacher, Mr.D, really pushed me and encouraged me to attend a conference called MFE (Made for Excellence). After that weekend full of workshops, fun activities, and getting to know students in my FFA district, I knew exactly what I wanted to do after high school.

Thats when I knew I wanted to be an agriculture education teacher. I ended up talking to my agriculture teacher about it when we went back to school. He was so encouraging. He asked me if there was anything that could hold me back in pursing a degree in agriculture education and I had explained that I know that teachers here in Oklahoma do not get paid very well. He told me something, and even to this day, it is still drilled in my head anytime I have doubt. He said "It is not about the income. But about the outcome." At first, I did not know what he was meaning. But I thought on it for a long time, and that quote he gave me, is what gets me through every day as I am pursing a degree in agriculture education. I am not pursing a degree in agriculture education for the money, I am pursing it because I care and I want to make an impact. Because of him and his encouragement, I am going to make a difference in students lives just like he did for mine.

I am almost done with my second year at Oklahoma State University pursing a degree in Agriculture Education and I absolutely love it!

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