Everyone left and right will tell you, "bid your time, you're young, you have your whole life ahead of you". When you hear this, your mind kinda triggers into maybe thinking they are right or maybe there is a reason they are telling you this. In that moment when they tell you...you flip flop. You have never flipped flopped before but suddenly now you do.

Don't listen to anyone, no one, just listen to yourself and your heart, mind. This is about you & your significant other no one else. The day of your wedding you won't be remembering the child's boss that told you're too young to marry as you say your vows to them. It is between you two.

Yes, I am 21 and all i can ever think about is the day I walk down the aisle to his face and just say the words "I do.". People think I am crazy to not just think about my future with him but actually talk about it as well. It relaxes us. It gives us hope, it gives us a way of dreaming awake together for our future. So in the kindest way possible, I wish to just tell anyone who believes marrying too young, too old, exists...just stop.

This is not your relationship. This is not your life that you so called like to state, "screw up". So what? Let me "screw up" according to you, because according to me, it's a privilege.

Imagine, starting out at the young bright shiny age of 19 years of age with your best friend, the love of your life that you did not know yet would become the love of your life. Then, you turn 21 and you're finally able to have your first LEGAL drink with each other. Next milestone, you're 25 and you have been married for two years now and thinking about starting your family. 30 years old now and you both have your careers with a nanny to help every now and then, life is at its fullest and you think back that you just started at 19.

What if you didn't take that leap of love at that age? You wouldn't be able to see the milestones in age and maturity from the lowest level to now adults and deciding if that promotion at work is really what you want. You got the opportunity to witness a teenager become into an adult and learn how to become a spouse, parent, and to be able to obtain their dream come true.

Be young. Be young to marry so you have the rest of your life to figure out your journey with them and where you want to reside in. There is no wrong or right time to marry it is based on you two and something personal. Do not let anyone else talk you out of your adventurous and bold choices.

Started at 19...

Now at 21

& counting...