You know what they say - first impressions are everything. Following suit, the same goes for the first day of school. Whether you are just beginning your journey as a college freshman or getting ready to end your senior year with a bang, there will always be a multitude of thoughts every college girls ponders upon her return or arrival to college.

1. Will I have time to stop for Starbucks on the way to class? 

Face it. We all know that the only way to survive a day of college successfully is to be fully caffeinated.

2. Do I really want to wear sweatpants on the first day of classes? 

There is nothing a girl loves more than to feel confident. Said confidence is typically sparked by wearing your cutest outfit on the first day of school, though, as the stresses of life begin to increase throughout the quarter, we see the progressive decline of eye-catching apparel. Before you know it, you are waist deep in midterms week, and all traces of makeup, designer tops and accessories have seemed to vanish.

Ladies, let's keep it simple. Start your year in your coziest sweatpants, and you won't fall victim to this trend later on.

3. Will I have to do any actual work today? 

Clearly, we all know that it is syllabus week - the week where you do absolutely nothing (aside from going out!) and get away with it. Yet, there is always that one professor who feels compelled to make the most of the torturous ninety minutes you are forced to spend in their classroom, typically leaving students with assigned readings for the pop quiz taking place at the next class meeting.

4. Follow up: To read or not to read? 

This is where things tend to get tricky. You are getting ready for a fun night out with your friends when you are suddenly overwhelmed with the plaguing thoughts of whether or not you will pass said pop quiz. You tell yourself you will find the time to prepare for the following class, yet, in actuality, you cannot come to terms with the fact that you are simply lying to yourself.

5. I am only here to inquire about the attendance policy. 

We have one question, and one question only: how many unexcused absences can be used before our professors start to notice?