To the Girl Who Thinks You Can't Be Stressed in College Unless You Have a Job
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To the Girl Who Thinks You Can't Be Stressed in College Unless You Have a Job

I don't live off my parents, and I don't have a job but that's okay.

To the Girl Who Thinks You Can't Be Stressed in College Unless You Have a Job

First and foremost, I'd also like to start right off the bat by saying that I, much like the author of "If You Don't Have a College Job, You Can't Complain About College Stress", am fortunate in that if I am ever in need of anything, my parents are able to support me. I have had a job ever since I was 15; that was the point at which I stopped asking my parents for money for things that weren't necessities, and even occasionally I would spend my own money on necessities, but for the most part, my parents have been able to provide. And guess what?? *GASP* I don't work during the school year. So without further ado, here are a few reasons why you're allowed to be stressed regardless of how many hours you worked this week, whether it was 40 or 0.

1. A lot of my stress also stems from being worried about money.

Everybody chooses a different financial route when it comes to college. Sure, my parents provide some things for me, but when it comes to school, I either pay for it myself or it comes from my loan. Student loans are a thing, and I chose to take out loans to pay for my education, as well as housing, and even food. I have to budget my loan money to eat too, and just because I don't have a job doesn't mean that I don't have to worry about anything at all.

2. All I have to do is go to class? Are you kidding me?

Right, like I just go to class, sit there, leave, and do nothing for the rest of my night? There's homework to do, studying to be done, exams to be taken, organizations to participate in, meals to be eaten, dishes to be done, cleaning to do. The only thing I don't do that you do is have a job. I will admit that it is nice to not have that additional obligation on my plate, but that doesn't mean I'm never allowed to be stressed considering that I also experience other struggles of daily life. Get real. We all have to do way more than just go to class.

3. If I'm shopping at all, it's because I'm just wasting all of my money, right?

I'm not even going to delve too deep into this one, but even people who don't have a lot of money deserve to have something nice that they've saved up for every once in a while. That's all I'm gonna say.

4. Because I don't work during the school year, it must mean I have no idea about money and time management.

PLEASE. I live off campus. I have to do things like budget for grocery shopping and budget for the monthly utility bills. I use my loan to pay for these things. It's not like if my groceries cost more than what my loan is I can just make food out of thin air. If I don't have enough money to pay the gas bill I'm taking cold showers. This money isn't being thrown at me from the sky to just do whatever I want. As for time management, I'm going to direct you back to point #2, because again, presuming that I just go to class and don't have to manage my time at all is just silly.

5. I do not, in fact, have unlimited time to be social.

Again. Point #2.

6. My major isn't Engineering or Nursing and thus is not allowed to be "hard".

HOLD THE F%@K UP. First of all, not even relating to the whole "job" thing, you are not allowed to sit here and tell people about their own courses of study. My boyfriend is an engineer and my sister is a nurse. I have watched both of them work through their majors and yes, they're both incredibly hard workers in very demanding majors. But that is just them. Different people work and learn at different speeds and have their own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. There are people with double majors, minors, double minors, and a whole plethora of other situations pertaining to them. If you're really sitting here saying you can't be stressed if you aren't in one particular major without having ANY sort of idea where someone else is coming from, pull your head out of your ass. Also, it really isn't any of your business.

7. I apparently have to have a job if I want to go out to eat, even if it's just once.

I order water at restaurants to cut back on costs. I order often the cheapest or close to the cheapest item on the menu. I'm going to redirect you to point #3, that people without a ton of money deserve to treat themselves.

8. I don't feel bad for you and 9. I am aware that I'm "spoiled" but that doesn't mean I don't work hard.

Just stop. College isn't a pity party. I don't pity you. I don't feel bad for you. I am wholly and well aware that there are people who are in situations much, much worse than mine. That absolutely does not mean that my problems are not valid. I understand the frustration of watching people seemingly getting everything handed to them while you're busting your ass. I've felt that before. But I think it is absolutely despicable to sit here and throw yourself a pity party because you are stressed out. Everyone else's business is absolutely not any of your business. It honestly is laughable that you felt the need to say that nobody is allowed to be stressed at school if they don't have a job on top of being a nursing major or an engineering major, and that you aren't allowed to say you're stressed if you ever go shopping or out to eat, and if you ever socialize or have fun you aren't allowed to be stressed.

Those are really strict criteria to be followed if that's what it takes to be stressed. You absolutely do not get to sit here and say that no one else is allowed to be stressed solely on the basis of whether or not they have a job. That is shallow considering you have no clue whatsoever as to what else is happening in a person's life. I really hope that you find success in whatever you do because it's obvious that you work hard, but you really need to just take a step off of your high horse for a second, try not to step in your horse's s#!t, and mind your own business.

10. To all the students out there without jobs who are still stressed:

YOU'RE DOING GREAT SWEETIE KEEP IT UP! You're fully valid in your stress; don't let anyone tell you that what you do or feel is not valid.

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