To The Girl Who Thinks She's Not Good Enough

You look at yourself in the mirror, and stare. Stare so hard your eyes are piercing with pain. Just from looking at the mirror. Trying to see yourself, but you can not. You struggle too. You struggle with the little things. Other's would tell you it's nothing, but to you, they are huge. Struggle with the hard words, the comments. And you fake it like everything is fine, when it is not.

You do not see yourself. When you look at the mirror, you are empty. You feel absolutely nothing, and for some time you are fine with that. Even when you know, you should not be. Nobody says the words, "you're not good enough." But nobody has to say those words, because you think it. You think it is the truth when it is not. But you cannot stop believing it is true, so you continue to do so.

What they don't tell you though, is you are though. You are good enough but you, yourself is the only person that you need to convince that you are. Through the good and the bad, it is important to know that and to believe that.

So you implement change. And do whatever it takes. You set goals for yourself, whether they be the tiniest of goals. Because you are enough, you just need help proving it to yourself.

It's the little things that count. You don't lose hope, instead, you fight through.

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