Girl Talk: Major Keys To Glowing Skin

It is no secret that a girl loves her some glowing skin. And of course, I wish all my queens nothing but the same love. Here are a few major keys (Khaled Voice) I have found helpful to living my best hair/skin life-thank me later. (I'm not a beauty guru or hair expert, I'm just a girl, don't @ me)

#1: We all love a good face mask and some Grey's Anatomy on a Sunday night, but here's something I've had to learn the hard way. DO NOT PUT TOO MANY PRODUCTS ON YOUR SKIN. Find one or two products that work for your skin type. If you use these products daily make sure you take days in between care to give your skin a break. I have tried everything from Proactive to Neutrogena and I can honestly say my skin treats me best when I use no products at all. You would be surprised at how far a good old washcloth and warm water can get you.

#2: If you have oily skin like me, make sure to grab yourself some type of an astringent. Which hazel, for example, removes deep grime and oil from your skin and is truly the best way to cleanse.

#3: Girls- I cannot stress the importance of TAKING OFF YOUR MAKEUP/CLEANSING YOUR SKIN BEFORE BED. You really want to get all the product off of your face so your skin isn't soaking in it overnight. I've tested every expensive makeup remover there is and I have found a simple, effective favorite for removing my wipes! That's right, baby wipes. I use sensitive skin wipes so I know they will not irritate my skin, plus they are like 2$ if you're ballin' on a budget.

#4: I know this sounds cliche but DRINK YOUR WATER LADIES! This is a superrrr important step to skin that glows. I've done trials where I didn't drink as much water for a week and then drank a gallon a day for a week and there was instantly a MAJOR difference. Try it for yourself and see.

#5: Although I love me some Shea Moisture hair products, store bought black soap is NOT organic African black soap. I'll just leave this here.

#6: FIND OUT WHAT FOODS CAUSE YOUR SKIN TO REACT, and try to cut those foods out of your diet. For some people, it's soda or chocolate, for some people its gluten. Learn your skin, and when you figure out what it needs to show it a little extra love! Your skin will be good to you as long as you are good to it!

May your month of march be full of mula, marvelous memories and mad good skin, happy glowing gals!

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