Girl Talk: 2018 The Glo Up & Money Moves
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Girl Talk: 2018 The Glo Up & Money Moves

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Girl Talk: 2018 The Glo Up & Money Moves

What's good Ladies! Welcome back to Kyah's Kloset- where I openly address questions you all have sent in about whatever is going on in your life (hopefully) simultaneously inspiring one of my fellow queens to dry those tears and reapply that $30 mascara honey. Surprisingly I got an amazing response to f*ckboys & loving yourself and since many have asked where they can submit questions- email them in at Happy reading!

Question #1- What are your hopes for 2018?

My hopes for 2018 are high, and yours should be too. Let me guess new year, new you? We are only 10 days in and I have still seen plenty of my fellow queens entertaining the same petty drama, disrespectful dudes and other messiness. Not a good look ladies. Yup, I said it. 2018 is our year to stop being so damn messy and start GLO'ING.

This means staying off of social media with the latest gossip. Like seriously, I get second-hand embarrassment watching you argue over the next dude on facebook. There are too many ways to slide in the DM's for us to be embarrassing ourselves over boys publicly. No toxic penis 2018, a concept. (some will call it common feminism some will call it common sense).

With that being said 2018 is absolutely our year to glo up the boy who ghosted you in 2017. So get that fenty highlighter out and go to work. Work on you, get to know who you are and what you stand for. Treat your body like the temple god intended it to be. Work out and eat right, snatch your life, and the next time you see your ex at a restaurant...I promise you'll be the only snack he can pay attention to. Oh, and did I mention we drinking water all 2018? I wish my girls nothing but clear skin and that "loving myself" glo all year round!

In 2018 I challenge all females to boss up. Be you. Empower other girls. But mostly BOSS UP.

Question #2- How can I make money moves like Cardi B?

While I wouldn't necessarily recommend hitting the nearest strip joint for job inquiries, I do love me some Cardi just as much as the next chick so here is a tip I can give you. INVEST! Take your money and invest in some cryptocurrency. This is your online stock market where you can buy, trade and make money right from your phone. Invest time into researching where your money will flourish. Start investing now and you're guaranteed to be in your birkin by the end of the year! (disclaimer: I'm a broke college student myself but trying to help, don't @ me)

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