If you make a girl a fair queen, she will never forget the moment her dream came true.

This year, August 20th was more than just my 19th birthday; it was the day one of my lifelong dreams came true: I won the title of Somerset County Fair Queen. This is something that I spent late nights months leading up to the day practicing for. Whenever my name was announced, it was as if time stood still, and I was taken back to the young girl I once was, sitting in the Grandstand bleachers watching the past fair queen competitions, hoping that I would one day be her. In that instance, all of the long nights, hours of working on perfecting the promenade sequence on the cement by my pool, times bugging my mom to interview me or listen to my speech for the fourth time that night, and hard work that went into it became worth it.

If you make a girl a fair queen, she will spend the week reflecting and enjoying each moment.

Even if it meant spending seven hours passing out trophies and ribbons at the dairy show, I truly can say that I enjoyed each moment of awarding well-deserving showmen their prizes. I know how much hard work goes into making the fair happen, so to be involved in such an intimate and big way was wonderful.

If you make a girl a fair queen, she will be truly thankful for all the support she got along the way.

From family and friends who made the drive to Meyersdale on the big day or who took time out from getting their animals ready for the upcoming shows to show their support to my amazing fair coordinators to the community members who showed their support, I can truly say my heart swelled anytime anyone offered help, support, or congratulations. I am so thankful for those behind the scenes people who make the fair possible. It is something so close to my heart, my favorite place on this earth, and for those who made this dream of being the fair queen possible, I cannot say thank you enough.

If you make a girl a fair queen, she will appreciate the "behind-the-scenes" work even more.

To make the fair possible requires an incredible amount of work. Even getting the ribbons together and to the winners (especially at the pig show) takes planning and work. All the more after my week at the fair, I appreciated those who make it all possible, the volunteers, the Fair Board, parents, showmen, and friends. To create the special moments that happen at the fair, these people work long hours to help everything flow as seamlessly as possible.

If you make a girl a fair queen, she will appreciate the special moments all the more.

I am truly grateful to to be a part of all the special moments that took place at this year's fair. From crying alongside some tearful winners when their animal won to celebrating the memory of a friend of mine who passed away by applauding the sale of his final fair animal that raised thousands of dollars for his scholarship fund to appreciating the wonderful family who made sure that every showman made money on their animals. It was an amazing week full of tearful moments that I feel so blessed to be a part of.

If you make a girl a fair queen, she will truly want more girls to be able to have these same amazing experiences.

One of my favorite parts of the fair was finding little girls at the fair to give plastic tiaras to so that they could be fair princesses for a day. It is my hope that I will have inspired young women in the future to continue on this beautiful tradition of being on the fair court. I want other girls to have the same amazing experiences I have had.

If you make a girl a fair queen, she will be a fair queen for life and will never forget her amazing week and year spent accomplishing her dreams.