11 Girl Boss YouTubers Every Woman NEEDS In Her Life
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I can't be the only one that almost dreads the beginning of new year's, right? Suddenly everyone is back on board with resolutions to get yourself feeling brand new again and starting fresh. Now I'm not to say this is necessarily a bad thing, I'm all about resolutions. It must sound like I'm hating on them right now, but here I am about to do that exact thing.

One thing I've started to preach for myself is the idea of power. Specifically, Girl Boss Power. It's addicting! And so, so powering. Being a female myself, there's nothing more liberating than being able to relate to people that also inspire me to be a better person.

Here are 11 Girl Boss YouTubers I watch and stand by to help you kick yourself into gear this new year and feeling like your absolute best.

Kalyn Nicholson. 


Now I'm not one to pick favorites, but if I had to, Kalyn would be high up on that list. I've watched her videos for years now and I never get enough. She lives in the Toronto, Canada area, who strives for living a vegan, healthy, independent lifestyle. Her videos and what she stands by is so inspiring and honestly just makes you want to get up and DO something with your life. Also she has the cutest dog ever, so what's not to love?

Reese Regan. 


Reese is a lot life Kalyn, but about six years younger. What I enjoy so much about Reese's videos is how honest she is with maintaining college and a YouTube lifestyle. She's very open about her anxiety and how she maintains it which is something that's so helpful to me.

Danielle Carolan. 


Danielle is literally the definition of girl boss. Not only does she have merchandise that eludes to this, but she lives this motto daily. Danielle is also a YouTuber/college student and she makes me want to just get everything done on my to-do list daily. Anytime I feel like I don't have enough time for something, I look at everything she gets done and feel like I have no excuse.

Kiara Madisen.


While Kiara isn't necessarily a daily consistent YouTuber, I thoroughly enjoy her videos so much. She's so dedicated to her school work as well as maintaining a YouTube channel and it's so inspiring to see her dedication.

Kenzie Elizabeth.


Along with Danielle, Kenzie really is striving to be a girl boss every day. As someone who watches a lot of YouTubers and YouTube videos, I struggle to see how someone can make it their full-time job as well as their full-time income. Kenzie throws productivity straight out the window and lives by getting everything done, anytime.

Claudia Sulewski.


I adore Claudia to death! I've watched her videos for so many years now and if there's anyone I want to be like when I'm older, it's her. She's a striving actress with one of the most fun lives I've ever witnessed, while still living her best life. Not only is her entire life aesthetic a dream, she's so dedicated to working out and eating healthy it just inspires you automatically.

Morgan Yates.


Morgan is a post year graduate from UNC, so seeing someone who maintained a YouTube career while going to school is inspiring in and of its own. One of my favorite videos Morgan does is at the end of every year, she uploads a one-second a day video and it motivates you to want to do more with your life and where you are. Obviously there are other luxuries involved with her career, but everything is what you make of it.

Sam Ozkural. 


Sam is one of the most inspiring YouTubers I watch. Her whole channel is directed towards your physical health but not at all in a preachy way. She strives for a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally and it shows through her videos. Motivational!

Lindsey Rem.


I've watched Lindsey for so many years now that I felt like I've grown up with her. I first watched her when she posted videos called "Chai Chats" where she drank tea and talked about mental health issues and her anxiety and I knew I was sold from that point. Lindsey is so real in everything she does and stands by and it's comforting and inspiring to have someone like her to look up to.

Arden Rose. 


If you want to strive towards living a new lifestyle, look towards Arden Rose. Arden posts such unique videos all striving towards being more economically friendly to help herself and others. She's such a genuine human and you can see that in her videos.

Katy Bellote. 


I've watched Katy's videos for so many years now that I remember her videos from before she graduated high school, and she's now a post-grad from YouTubers college living in New York City. I feel like Katy has been that "older sister" to me that I never had. She talks a lot about boy issues (always helpful) and what it's like growing up alone and living alone. And every time she turns her "mess ups" around to feeling like a boss lady every day.

Any year is an excuse for a fresh new start. But really, any day is as good as any to start over again. Sometimes you need a bit of help getting back up the mountain or standing tall again; it's always nice to have people watch.

I've always thought that YouTubers are just people. And they are! They are just people! They just happen to be people showing the rest of the world their daily life and we should at least be thankful to have someone show their mess ups along with us.

I thoroughly stand by each one of these women for who they are and what they do. They live for making me a bigger and better person every day.

Not all Girl Boss women named above! Obviously, there is an abundance of girl boss women across the web, these are just the ladies I wholeheartedly live by!

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