While I write this, I have the first episode of Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life playing in the background. I do not know if my feelings stem from childhood nostalgia, but I do not remember this beloved show as it is being portrayed now.

I have seen and read some reviews and posts (sans spoilers), which lead me to have an uncertain, but hopeful expectation of the new series.

****Spoilers Ahead****

***Seriously man, spoilers are ahead***

***You can't say I didn't warn you***

However, this feeling quickly became one of confusion and uncertainty about halfway through the first episode. When Lorelai is explaining to Rory about what happened at Richard's funeral after she left, she describes how a drunken instance of foolishness created a huge blowup between her and Emily. I do not know whether or not it was intentional on the part of the writers, but they made Emily come across as cold, unfeeling, and very easy to hate. I found this rather odd, because, in my memories, which, again may have been tainted by childhood nostalgia, even when the characters fought, they always found a way to come back together, usually within the same episode. The biggest blowups only seemed to last a few episodes. With this, however, the writing was so skillful in portraying Emily as a monster that I think it would be incredibly difficult to resolve. I do acknowledge that this portrayal may have been intended to come from the deep depths of Emily's depression about losing her beloved Richard, but, even then, I found it to be a little extreme.

From that point on, the show seems to be taking darker twists and turns, concerning mortality and life fulfillment. The next plot line that was odd to me is Luke and Lorelai going to consult with Paris about IVF treatments. This could be the media studies side, but I found some huge holes in this line. For instance, why would Lorelai and Luke do this without consulting, or at least talking to Rory and telling her what they are considering. Yes, she is busy in London, but modern technology allows constant communication, especially if you are connected to a WiFi network. When you are connected to said WiFi network, the cost is minimal to message internationally, if it even exists at all.

My childhood nostalgia has me compelled to keep watching, but now, I definitely have some reservations.