The Gilmore Girls Gifs You Didn't Know You Needed
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The Gilmore Girls Gifs You Didn't Know You Needed

14 gifs for every situation.

The Gilmore Girls Gifs You Didn't Know You Needed
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Gilmore Girls. Stars Hollow. Luke's. Friday Night Dinners.

It's the WB created universe that we all know and love.

There's a reunion in the mix and we literally cannot wait for it! We need and deserve to return to our Connecticut home. The people we love are making a return and I hope these gifs help tide you over.

1. The Kirk

Advised usage: For when you get out of that quiz that you really did study for, but left a nuclear disaster.

2. The Awkward Death

Advised usage: When a member of squad sends a screen cap of a faux-pas. It both gets out of saying something helpful and lifts spirits.

3. The Let Me Be Mean

Advised usage: We've all had to interact with a friend's ex under the strict rule of no destruction. Or is it just me?

4. The Important Question

The esteemed and wonderful Kevin and Demi of "The Gilmore Guys" podcast say Bishop is Queen, and they are right. This particular Gif has many many uses.

Advised usage: When a member of squad is making a really questionable decision.

5. The What Am I Doing With My Life?

Advised usage: For when you may or may not be the one making the questionable decision and need help.

6. The Planning Isn't My Forte

Advised usage: Literally all the time. Some one asks you what you're doing later? THIS GIF. You have to sign off on school loans? THIS GIF. That cutie from the coffee shop asks what your plans are? THIS GIF. I rest my case.


Advised usage: When cutie from the coffee shop ghosts on you and you seek comfort from friends.

8. The Michel is All of Us

Advised usage: This is another Gif that can literally be used for everything, but my personal favorite is after that meeting you had for a group project.

9. The Monday

Advised usage: Every Monday ever. But also before the next meeting for the group project because you just know Suzy is not going to have collected the data.

10. The Carpe Diem

This one comes from my all-time, hands-down, bar-none favorite episode of GG. Use it wisely.

Advised usage: For that one friend who won't agree to the adventure.

11. The Partner in Crime

Advised usage: Send this one to that pal that you can always count on to throw shade with. (You know who you are).

12. The New Expression.

Advised usage: We don't always know what to say. And that's okay. Send this Gif instead. If your communication partner knows GG, the subject will change and you're in the clear. If they don't they'll be confused and change the subject. FULLPROOF.

13. The Heck Yes

Advised usage: This is another Gif with endless possibilities. You can use it to signal any kind of mutual sentiment. And your desire to eat. Because let's face is snack time is all the time. We learned that from Lorelai and Rory.

And finally...

14. The Gilmore Girls

Advised usage: To express your love of the Gilmore Girls and your need for the reunion to come RIGHT NOW.

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