14 Affordable Gifts Every English Major Will Love

14 Affordable Gifts Every English Major Will Love

Your English major friend will love these gifts 𝘢𝘭𝘮𝘰𝘴𝘵 as much as they love their books.


Does your friend claim to be "team Oxford comma?" Do they constantly correct your grammar or beg to help revise your papers? They're definitely an English major! If you're left scratching your head, wondering what they would like for any holiday, here are 14 ideas on what to get them!

Struggling to shop for a book lover, librarian, teacher, or aspiring writer? Here is the ultimate English major gift guide for Christmas, birthdays, or any special occasion. With a total of 14 options, from simple bookmarks to intricate wall art, there's an affordable gift out there that your book-loving friend will absolutely love and enjoy!

1. A list of 100 books to read -- also doubles as great room decor.


Available on Amazon for $29.99

2. Any kind of book-themed clothing, like this sweatshirt.

SweetCricketDesign (Etsy)

Get this sweatshirt for $29.99 on Etsy.

4. A bookish ornament. It's cute and affordable.

BoekBindBoetiek (Etsy)

Get it for $5.80 on Etsy.

5. You can't go wrong with bookish mugs!

StrictlyBusinessMugs (Etsy)

Get this one for $13.99 on Etsy.

6. Room decor.

infiniteANDdarling (Etsy)

Get this wall art print for $6.52 on Etsy.

7. A candle.

Frostbeard (Etsy)

Get this one for $18 on Etsy.

8. Bookmarks. They are super affordable.

BookishlyUK (Etsy)

Get this set of two for $3.85 on Etsy.

9. A custom book cover necklace.

SonnetandFable (Etsy)

Get one for $14.99 (on sale now on Etsy)

10. This classic tee, perfect for any book lover, teacher, writer, or librarian.

BlockMerch (Etsy)

On sale on Etsy for $24.

11. A canvas book tote.

ShopLiteratee (Etsy)

Get this canvas bag for $23.50 on Etsy.

12. A book sleeve or two. These are perfect for travel and will protect books from bending or tearing!

ArdentAdmirations (Etsy)

Get one for $15 on Etsy.

14. This flowy English major tank top, perfect for use as a workout shirt.

Dear English Major Store (teespring.com)

Available at the DearEnglish Major Store for $21.99.

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