Though communications students will take the typical gifts given to those in college, there are some special gifts they'd appreciate that pertain to their degree. Here are the 11 things communications students ACTUALLY want for Christmas:

1. For people to stop asking, "What is communications?"

Here we go again...*recites rehearsed speech for the thousandth time*

2. For Hootsuite to automatically publish to Insta.

@ Hootsuite, pretty please?

3. For people to actually respond to surveys.

Because every comm. major dies a little inside when they get five respondents to a survey they spent three hours setting up.

4. Relevant reading material.

Gotta stay up-to-date in the always-changing world of communications!


It takes A LOT of caffeine to power a comm. major.

6. For a miracle pill that cures writer's block.

PLEASE let this be a thing.

7. For copyright protection to be lifted from the photos and music they want to use.

Why does the PERFECT cover photo ALWAYS have to be unusable?

8. A nice camera.

Yes, please.

9. Money.

Between the cost of textbooks and software like Adobe Creative Cloud, majoring in communications can add up!

10. An internship.

Every comm. major knows the importance of relevant experience.

11. For people to stop hating on communications degrees.

No, it is not the most difficult choice in the array of degrees, but that makes it an extremely competitive degree to major in. Students must work hard to gain an edge on their competitors.

12. Business attire.

This will come in handy for networking events, job interviews, internships and more! #suitup

13. SLEEP.

With loads of press releases to perfect and website takeovers to design, comm. students are not used to getting this much-needed thing we call sleep. Let them relax over break.

14. MORE coffee.

(since actually getting a good night's sleep may be a stretch)

15.To graduate already and start an exciting career in the communications world.

Whether they go into advertising, public relations, journalism or something else, every comm. major is excited to start a career in the field they love.