Hey friends, hey family! Wondering what to get a relative who is in college for Christmas? You're reading the perfect article. Since the holidays are right around the corner, I have brainstormed some random gift ideas that every college student would appreciate.

1. Blankets, blankets, and more Blankets

We all know just how cold it can get here in Texas so a blanket would always be handy for a college student. Personally, I keep blankets everywhere in the winter. From my room to my car, I always have one around just in case I need it. They're also cheap at your nearest Walmart so I think its a win-win.


Any college student would be happy with a little extra cash, am I right guys? One can never go wrong with a sweet Christmas card with a little bit of cash in it, that's for sure. What is great about this present is that it is so easy to put together, and will leave your college level friend/relative smiling.

3. Gift cards from Any Store Ever, BUT Preferably Starbucks or Target 

In my second year of college, I am beginning to discover how often I find myself doing homework at Starbucks and browsing through Target after hours of completing assignments. As time goes on, college students tend to find their favorite places and turns out go into their weekly routines. If you are hesitant about what place your friend or relative enjoys the most, I can tell you right now that they will not complain about receiving a gift card from these two places.

4. Hand Warmers 

You don't realize how much of a blessing hand warmers are until you are running late for an 8:00 a.m, forgetting to start your car ahead of time. Every college student is always on the go and these fast warming hand warmers are truly a miracle for getting warm quick! I now use them regularly during the winter and keep them in my backpack, my room, and even my car! Hand warmers work as great stocking stuffers too!

5. Anything that Helps De- Stress 

As usual, feeling overwhelmed and stress is one of the most common feelings to have while pursuing your degree. Anyone would love to receive bath bombs, essential oils, face masks, and anything else that can help one to relax or unwind for Christmas! If any of my relatives are reading this, these gifts would be greatly appreciated. I love anything and everything lavender or eucalyptus so don't hesitate to splurge if you're feeling nice this year!

I hope this article helps you people out there who have no idea what to get a college student for Christmas! These are all great, affordable gifts that everyone can enjoy. The holidays are right around the corner so it wouldn't be a bad idea to start your Christmas shopping now, you could probably find some good deals too. Thanks for reading and supporting me year around if you made it this far. It truly means a lot to reach out to a lot of you on this platform and for you to even click on this warms my heart. You are loved, adored, and thanked immensely. Happy Holidays and stay warm!