How To Give The Perfect Gift

Give (And Get) The Perfect Gift This Christmas Using Giftibly Wishlists

*sends Santa the link to my Giftibly profile*

Around Thanksgiving every year, my extended family all start asking each other who wants what for Christmas. One cousin always wants makeup. Another wants video games. Another wants anything from Hot Topic. My grandma is happy with anything Starbucks. My grandpa would love anything related to the Denver Broncos. But when the question is directed at me, I somehow forget everything I've ever wanted.

But this year, I just logged into Giftibly and sent links to my aunts who were asking.

My boyfriend is the kind of person who just will find good deals and go out and buy things he wants, regardless if it's right before his birthday or Christmas. This makes gift shopping for him pretty difficult. But now, he has an ongoing list on Giftibly so I know which things he would still be interested in as a gift.

To be honest, I mostly use Giftibly to save clothes from And books, of course.

So what is Giftibly, you ask? Well, it's a personalized wishlist creator.

With your Giftibly account, you can design wishlists for any category, event or holiday. Then, you can add items from almost any online shopping site to these wishlists.

Giftibly also has social aspects so that you can share your wishlists with your friends and family and interact with each other. You can like and share items on your wishlists or other people's wishlists. There is also messaging and a way to mark items as purchased so that your friend won't get the same gift three times. But don't worry—the website only shows this to other users so the gift will still be a surprise.

Some people use Giftibly as a wedding or baby registry. It works the same way as any registry program, but you can pull items from any website instead of just being limited to one store. Get things from Target; Bed, Bath, & Beyond; AND Amazon all in one place!

My Giftibly wishlists are broken into categories. I love organization, so I was excited to see how customizable the site is for each user. I have lists for things such as clothes, shoes, accessories, electronics, books, movies, music, home things and mugs. This system works for me because I also use Giftibly to remind myself of things I want to get eventually so I can keep my eye out for sales in the days between my birthday and Christmas shopping seasons.

The website is still pretty new. The company is still rolling out new features every so often. Now, there's even a way to purchase gifts through the Giftibly site without going to the items' original websites, if you choose to do so.

It's user-friendly and comes with a "Gift Assistant" you can install as a plug-in for Google Chrome or Firefox that lets you save items without actually visiting Giftibly if you find something online and want to quickly add it to a list. You can also add items by pasting the link into the wish fetcher if you don't want to install this plug-in.

Giftibly is a great and easy way to keep track of and share wishlists and comes in handy especially around Christmas. You'll never have to worry about waiting in long return lines after Christmas again!

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