College students can be had to shop for. I mean, they disappear to their school for a couple months and then they return and you are supposed to just know what to get them for the holidays. Crazy. So here are some gift ideas for the holidays that your favorite college student!

A gift card to that overpriced coffee shop that they love to study at (Kaldi's we are looking at you). Sure the gift card might be completely used up by the end of January but I promise it'll be very appreciated by your college student. Not only will they be able to get some coffee to sip on as they ease back into next semester but they can also avoid the dining hall a little longer by grabbing a sandwich there on the way to class.

A new phone charger because theirs' has inevitably been misplaced/broken/stolen/borrowed and never returned. No matter how theirs' disappeared they can always use a spare. One to keep at home and one for their backpack. It is a perfect system.

Laundry supplies. It has been a long semester and their supply of laundry detergent is probably low. And let's be honest, college students probably don't want to spend money on laundry detergent. Also, those little laundry detergent pods are really cool. And they make everyone's life a little easier.

Their favorite notebooks, pens, or other school supplies. Again, necessities but also things that college students really don't want to go out and buy (unless they are like me). If you aren't exactly sure what they like you can always grab a gift card for the college bookstore. They are bound to have everything, despite their pricing being a wee unreasonable.

Towards the top of my list, this year is socks. I know we all complained about getting socks when we were younger but man how the tables have turned. First of all, it is just a hassle to get to the store to get more socks. But secondly, even if you think you have enough socks you never do because college laundry machines eat socks for lunch. You can never have enough.

One of the best gifts I've gotten was a family member paying for Spotify Premium for me. Let me tell you, it is wonderful. All of the ads, gone. That annoying guy that talks about how annoying ads are, gone. It is blissful. Don't forget about the unlimited number of skips you get too. You can keep the jams going all night long!

Finally, since the semester has ended it may be time to invest in a new college sweatshirt. After finals, many food and coffee spills, and very few washes in between wears it may just be best to start the next semester on a new foot. Of course, I am not saying get rid of the old one, just have something for "fancier" occasions.